Friday, November 6, 2015

Friday Night Follies: PEV'ing the Family Ride; Too Damn Warm for November; and Puttin' on the Feed Bag, American-Style

Dupont Circle earlier tonight, Washington, D.C., 6:16PM November 6, 2015.

It was too damn warm this evening, uncomfortably so.


OK, so I was going to post a more complete entry including those Chait, Plait, and Krugman links and excerpts that I previously mentioned in this entry on Wednesday.

However, it is already 9:17PM as I start this entry. I just worked 2 hours from home to complete something -- a summary of a non-exhaustive list of current "V2X" pilot projects and programs in the United States, although some of them were just "standard" grid-to-vehicle charging (including this one from Pepco for qualified Maryland residents with plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs).

It's odd that my client work now involves lots of vehicle technologies stuff (including alternative fuels) when I myself not only don't own a car but almost never drive one. I've done it no more than 20 times in my entire life.

To be clear, I can drive -- automatic, not stick shift* -- but I just don't do it and don't like it. I also have almost no opportunity to do so.

*My crazy father tried to teach me stick shift on his pickup truck in New Jersey in the very horrible summer of 1988, but all that happened was much shrieking and profanity-laced screaming on those country roads in Upper Freehold Township.

Morning sky as seen in the alley behind my apartment building and located off the 1500 block of U Street NW, Washington, D.C., 10:14AM Nov. 6, 2015.


It's still absurdly warm tonight following record November heat today. All three regional airport climate stations reached 80F record highs today including 80F at KDCA (old record: 78F set in 1948); 80F at KBWI (old record: 77F set in 2005 and 1978); and 80F at KIAD (old record: 78F set in 1994 and 1978).

"This is the first time it has hit 80 in Washington in November since 2003. Only a half of 1 percent of all November days in D.C.'s weather records have hit at least 80. Prior to today, since 1871, only 21 November days had hit 80. Only four of those 21 days hit 80 after Nov. 5."

NPS National Capital, D.C. webcam showing the National Mall from the Virginia side around 1PM Nov. 6, 2015.

This picture is featured in the above-linked CWG entry.


Also, the morning low temperatures at KIAD and KBWI only dropped to 62F and 63F, respectively. If these temperatures don’t fall lower before midnight, the 62F at KIAD would be the warmest daily minimum ("max min") on record (surpassing the 61F from 2003) while the 63F at BWI would tie the daily max min from 1938 (a pre-BWI Airport Baltimore record).

Tweet earlier today from CWG's Ian Livingston showing the top 5 warmest days in November for Washington, D.C. (KDCA and its predecessor spot).


It was actually uncomfortably warm walking home from Dupont Circle tonight. I went there instead of to U Street / Cardozo. I was going to go to the Safeway on 17th Street, but I felt oddly unsafe when I turned down Corcoran Street (I should have went down Q Street) and turned around and walked up New Hampshire Ave back home, stopping at the little market next to my building.

However much it would please God Demiurge, I don't need to be mugged, jumped, robbed, and/or murdered while the Washington Consensus is its neoliberal bliss (think Fred Hiatt smiling sweetly) knowing that I'm totally unarmed, defenseless, and helpless living (serving a life sentence) in the District of Crackumbia.

The City of God, indeed.

But at least there will be some worker retraining for the road-kill on the Information Superhighway to some techno-glibertarian Paradise Lost, that never was and never could be, but rather, you end up pimped out in a "Tech Central Station" corporate cathouse as a 1099 wage slave.

Anyway, all that aside, a line of rain showers moved through about 90 minutes ago, and now it is just overcast, humid, and breezy. It is supposed to cool down significantly tomorrow with a chance (50POP) of rain showers.

Sterling (LWX) NWS standard base reflectivity mode radar loop from 724PM to 809PM November 6, 2015.


UPDATED 2:56AM 11/7/2015: The earlier gusty breeze died down tonight to nearly nothing even as the temp dropped all the way to 64F by the 2AM hour. Precipitation-wise, KDCA and KIAD had "trace" while KBWI had 0.02" for Nov. 6th. Also, KDMH (Maryland Science Center) reached 81F on the 6th but had no precipitation. It does not yet have a full 30-year climate baseline period by which to measure records.

End of update.

Sunday should be a nice, cool autumn day with highs around 58F. Chris H. is supposed to be in town and we might meet up. Alas, Brady is not with him.

OK, that's all for now.

Oh, yes, I forgot to mention something from my previous entry:

While at The Pig on 14th Street last night, I noticed that the menu said something about "today's butchering" on one side while on the other, it denoted vegetarian and even vegan fare.

This is so damn quintessentially D.C. early 21st Century.

In any other place in the U.S., it would just be:




And there'd be American flags; pictures of eagles, fighter jets, and rockets; sundry cowboy and a few Native American paraphernalia and props, plus advertisements for karaoke nights, of course.

Oh, and there would be "Weigh-In Wednesdays" and the first party of four to reach a collective 1,000 pounds wins a satchel of Freedom Fries to go and a round of double fudge chocolate desserts.

OK, that really is all for now. I'm probably going to No. 9 tonight. I'm on a tight budget this weekend, so I can't spend much.


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