Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Another Night, Another GOP Sideshow Brought to You Courtesy the "All-Bread-and-Circuses" Media Entertainment Complex of the Late-Stage American Imperium -OR- Bringing on Oligarchy

Row houses in the 1700 block P St NW, Washington, D.C., 1:35PM November 8, 2015.


I partially composed this entry last night but was so tired and did not post it -- in part, because I figured that in the sober, rested light of early afternoon, I would not like what I wrote. That was true, so I've rewritten it. However, it is also the case that I have today off for the Veterans Day holiday, and it is a nice day and I'd like to take a bike ride rather than blog all goddamn day on this goddamn blog.

This entry is just a shortened, cleaned-up version of what I partially wrote last night.

A lady with an umbrella on a rainy evening at 14th and W Streets NW, Washington, D.C., 7:24PM November 9, 2015.

I was walking to the gym.


Last night was, well, mixed, to say the least. I guess on balance, objectively, it was good after a nearly frenetic day at work -- especially the last two hours on a particular project-- that caused me to be in a horrendous bad mood by the time I got to Old Ebbitt Grill.

It was there that I met DD and Jeremy, two former colleagues and friends (especially DD). We were at the Corner Bar and then, after Jeremy left, at the Old Bar, where we found two adjoining seats as the crowd thinned out a bit.

I way overspent and I'm nearly broke until Friday. I walked home, but then I went back out for a bit to Larry's Lounge to meet Gary.

Rainy night looking south down 14th Street NW from W Street NW, Washington, D.C., 10:43PM November 9, 2015.

I was walking home from the gym.


Actually, I had to avoid my two usual other places because at both the comedy-fascist freak show of the Republican presidential "debate" was on -- upstairs at one and downstairs at another -- and I find it physically painful to watch them.

In these 2016 GOP presidential primary debates, each unimaginably-worse-than-the-next candidate has to be coddled, tickled, and praised ...

... by an obsequious panel from a rightwing political outleft in front of a crazed GOP audience while these candidates spew lies and bullshit in between commercials for gold bullion, nutrition supplements, and other rightwing money-making ventures and hucksterism aimed at, and the fleece-able fundie faithful devour. It all pours forth endlessly like roaring waters over the Niagara Escarpment.

There was no escaping that Borg-like monstrosity run by pthe Koch Brothers Dark Money machine on its unstoppable and sure-to-be successful quest for pure "Feudalism and Oligarchy" in America by 2050.

Bright yellow flowers -- no, I don't know the type -- growing near The Phillips Milk of Magnesia Collection along 21st Street NW, Washington, D.C., 2:38PM November 8, 2015.


Only Fred Hiatt and his Washington Consensus of  "Very Serious People" pundits and could think this is a "serious debate about the issues." Amazingly, millions tune into this freak show in order to be outraged in between commercials, including Democrats for reasons I cannot fathom.

Meanwhile, the fundie faithful cannot be fleeced fast enough, and Ben Carson's complex multi-level marketing scam masquerading as a presidential campaign is the Zen-like embodiment of the for-profit conservative entertainment complex's many-tentacled hydra of pyramid schemes and snake oil rackets.


Even the most "serious" candidate (Marco Dumbo Rubio) features Alice-in-Wonderland, reverse class warring con jobs designed to steal sky trillions of dollars from the poor and everyone else to give to corporate oligarchs and billionaires in "tax plans" so obscene that that the event horizon separating reality from insanity is easily passed.

For me, all the reality shape-shifting bullshit and garbage is simply too much for my brain to handle, and so I must necessarily tune it out with a serious filter in order to avoid a stroke or heart attack.

I can't laugh at it, as do others or, alternatively, enjoy being pretend-upset by it.

As for the POLITICO, TIME, the WaHoPo, CNN, or even the New York Times political reporters, for them, it's all just a nihilistic ping pong game in which the Republican in the end always wins.

My bigger worry personally is how many more of these goddamn GOP debate sideshows we have to endure this frickin' "campaign season." Keep in mind that they are nothing more than the "bread and circuses" wagon train of the for-profit Media Entertainment Complex of America, in particular, it's much more potent rightwing component of it.

But make no mistake about it: This is simply the late stage American Imperial version of Rome's Bread and Circuses, full stop.

On the left, it's just illiberal college campus political correctness run amok in Stalinist-like reigns of terror, but with the odd feature that this group's power is limited mostly to academia and the pages of or the MSNBC evening lineup. Outside academia and some media outlets, power remains wildly on the right owing to wild gerrymandering and the concentration of liberals in urban enclaves.*

*To be clear, this doesn't mean that the right has actually "won" many battles in the Obama or even Clinton eras. In fact, they keep winning elections but losing the larger war -- a fact that could possibly change in the years to come.

Oh, and it goes without saying that colleges are just massive rent-extracting rackets now of nearly no actual social value, so who cares if the "CEO" of one "resigns" for whatever reason in order to play this media-facilitated passion play over and over that is ultimately just an empty spectacle.

Yours truly in my office, Washington, D.C., 12:33PM November 9, 2015.


As for me, I was so frickin' mad on a night I should have been happy that I ended up a frenzied text exchange series with Chris T. and, to a lesser extent, Damon. (I tried to engage the other Chris but I don't know what to do with him anymore.) In the end, all these texts improved my mood.

The rainy night from last night and chilly, drizzly day this Tuesday -- a grand total of 0.78" fell in this event at KDCA, 1.06" at KBWI, 0.79" at KIAD, and 1.37" at KDMH and temps were around 61F or a high except a bit lower at KIAD -- gave way to a breezy, blustery night. This early afternoon is a mostly sunny, breezy, cool day (around 63F).

I should mention that as I walked home from Old Ebbitt Grill to near 16th and U Streets NW, low scud clouds tore across the sky -- like ethereal spirits riding the night air from the northwest to the southeast. That was actually really awesome looking.

The building at the intersection of 15th and H Streets NW, Washington, D.C., 8:41PM November 10, 2015.

I was on the phone with LP at this point. I talk to him on the phone far more than any other person -- and I always manage to have the phone out when his calls come in unlike, say, my crazy father and h is much-less-frequent calls.


By the time I went back out to Larry's Lounge around 1030PM, it had clouded briefly clouded up again but then later cleared as the wind slackened. Gary was there and we talked for a bit. Bob N. bought me a drink, and I need to pay him back. Oh, yes, Ron was showing the debate on the downstairs TV. Upstairs, it was on one of the two all-dominating TV screens, but muted and music was playing.

Speaking of Gary, our Buffalo trip is on and set for Christmas Day through Dec. 29 just like last year's trip. Also, I'm going to Pittsburgh next week from Wednesday late afternoon for a work trip. I'm driving there -- or rather, riding with two co-workers -- and returning by Friday evening, so it's a quick trip. (Indeed, next week is looking to be a rather chaotic one for me.)

I've never actually been before to Pittsburgh. What's that line from Auntie Mame about her friend Vera Charles being from Pittsburgh??

OK, that's all for now. It is a nice enough fall day that I want to take a bike ride from one of the following stations -- West Falls Church Metro, Bethesda, or Grosvenor -- back into D.C.


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