Thursday, October 29, 2015

Reposted: Phil Plait's "If Global Warming Is a Hoax, Then Why ...?" -OR- 20 Questions To Ask Your Nearest GOP-T-Bagger ...

Sen. James "Mountain" Inhofe with his trusty magic snowball.

Jesus communicates with Sen. Inhofe through his snowball and tells him to do really self-embarrassing things that you would expect of a nutty octogenarian.


I think it important to repost this entry from Phil Plait's always-a-must-read Bad Astronomy blog that is hosted on Slate.

I've mentioned my own weird indirect relationship with Phil Plait, although to be clear, I've never actually met him and he has no idea who I am.


If Global Warming Is a Hoax ...

By Phil Plait
October 28, 2015 9:00AM
Source here.

If global warming is a hoax ...

... then why was this September globally the hottest September on record by a substantial margin?

... then why were seven of the months in 2015 (so far!) the hottest of those months on record (February the hottest February on record, and so on)?

... then why is 2015 on track to be by far the hottest year on record?

... then why was the last warmest year on record just last year?

... then why are the 10 hottest years all since 1998?

... then why did summertime Arctic ice thin by more than 80 percent from 1975 to 2012?

... then why is Arctic sea ice volume dropping so fast it's called a "death spiral"?

... then why is the percentage of older ice in the Arctic dropping?

... then why are we losing 450 billion tons of land ice every year?

... then why have we lost 5 trillions tons of land ice just since 2002?

... then why are Earth's sea levels rising by more than 3 millimeters per year?

... then why are the vast majority of glaciers across the planet melting?

... then why do at least 97 percent, and perhaps as high as 99.9 percent of climate scientists say it's real?

... then why don't climate change deniers publish papers?

... then why do global warming deniers keep using long-falsified claims?

... then why has the fossil fuel industry dumped more than $36 million (so far!) into the 2016 elections, with a staggering 93 percent of it going to Republicans?


Don't expect any actual answers. The GOP portion of the country lives in a post-factual, post-policy, Bizarro World reality, courtesy the conservative (rightwing) entertainment complex.

Oh, and I should point out that the latest "party line" from the GOP is that, yes, climate change is happening but we don't and can't possibly know why this is so -- raising allegedly some "profound" philosophical argument about the theory of knowledge that in reality is just a pile of horseshit that seeks to cloud a simple and obvious truth -- but let's save that topic for another time.

Anyway, I'm going to try to post another entry later tonight. I just got home from the gym after a regular workday, and need to make some dinner.


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