Monday, October 5, 2015

Monday Morning Hippo Briefing -OR- Your Daily Hippopotamostus

Yours truly and the GWU mascot hippo outside the Lisner Auditorium, GWU/Foggy Bottom, Washington, D.C., 6:10PM Oct. 4, 2015.

I never did understand the "hippo legend" associated with GWU and (completely nonsensically, the Potomac River), but no matter because hippos are just awesome. Of course, I won't want a hippo to eat me.

As for this hippo, someone had painted its hoof nails deep red. Not very becoming.


Just a very brief morning update ...

Yesterday, I had brunch with Gloria, Gary, Kristof, and Dilshan at Commissary on the occasion of Gloria's birthday on Friday. She and I then took a walk down to the Mall and back in the overcast, cool, gusty-breezy, all-around-wonderful weather. Later, I went to No. 9 and Larry's Lounge, where Roger and I had a good conversation.

Following all the welcome rain the past few days (but nothing like the disastrous flooding in South Carolina), it is a stunningly beautiful morning with clean cerulean skies and a complex and beautiful array of low, middle, and high clouds -- the gauzy low clouds streaming in from the northeast in the oceanic flow. The air temp. is about 57F with a dew point around 48F and a northeasterly breeze.

Just about perfect.

Anyway, I have to get busy at work today. Tonight is a gym night. Indeed, I plan to go three times this week between now and Friday. I also have to go on a severe austerity budget (alas, I don't print the money) given extreme overspending this past weekend.

As for the camping trip next weekend, I am probably not going to go. I'm just not, well, a happy camper ...

Oh, yes, one more hippo pic ...

The hippopotamostus!

I plan to update the blog late night.


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