Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Life in the D.C. Bubble: Grounded Now, Up in the Air Then -OR- The Puff Daddy Gray Hair Blues

Yours truly in a rectangular column mirror reflection at the YMCA Anthony Bowen, Washington, D.C., 10:44PM October 20, 2015.

That's a painting of Anthony Bowen himself visible in the image.


This is just a quick, late night update.

My workday was about has chaotic and hectic as I've had in my 5-1/2 years there (primarily involving press release work, which is the non-client / non-billable portion of my duties). In the end, all was well. I think.

I also made it to the gym tonight and had a mostly good three-part workout during the 3 hours I was there (see lead image taken as I was leaving). The only not-good part was my attempted core workout. I just couldn't do it.

I'm very tired right now. I had wanted to do my laundry tonight but that didn't happen. Much like my hair on my head, it's starting to pile up. As an aside, here is what my hair will look like in a few weeks:

"Call me Puff Daddy."

I'm unsure whether to let it keep growing for a while -- it makes me look damn old -- or not. I have all this hair, but it's kind of useless because I can't do anything with it. I have the opposite problem of most men.


Before I end this entry, here are two links -- the first sent to me by LP and the other an Andrew O'Hehir piece in Salon. The links are embedded in both:

Source: Ghosts of DC website.

A greatly reduced, static version of the far larger and zoom-able original image.


If you hover your mouse over the image on the above-linked webpage (NOT on the image directly above), you get a zoomed in image.

It's interesting to see the shadow cast by the Washington Monument. Obviously, much of the city looked very different including its prominent landmarks such as Dupont Circle and the entire National Mall area. The Lincoln Memorial was under construction.

Zoomed-in aerial view of the Washington Monument and adjacent National Mall grounds in 1918.


The outer portions of what by 1918 had long since become the unified City of Washington, District of Columbia are just farmland with scattered wooded areas.

The 2000 block of New Hampshire Avenue includes what I identify as the Northumberland -- it was built in 1910 - 1911 -- but my building (the Hampton Courts) was not there and would not be for about a decade (unsure of the exact date).

Aerial view of a small portion of Washington, D.C., in 1918 focused on the area around 16th and U Streets.

North is straight up toward the top center of the image. The Northumberland is the large structure on the SW-to-NE running "diagonal" street of New Hampshire Avenue. Meridian Hill Park is visible at the top center of the image.

I'm not sure at what altitude the image was taken -- I'd say about 5,000 to 10,000 feet, although I'm not sure how high aero-planes flew in 1918. This info doesn't particularly help.


The second link is to an Andrew O'Hehir piece about the Wayne Simmons fraud in the context of the large American rightwing media machine (sometimes called the "conservative entertainment complex," but O'Hehir's term "propaganda-recirculation machine" is probably more apt in this case).

Simmons' crime wasn't lying about Islam but getting caught -- and lifting the veil on the media propaganda machine

It's too late for me to try to excerpt any of it, in particular to find pictures to break up the text, so I'm just going to leave it at that.


Sunlight through a maple tree at fall color peak in Front Royal, Va., Oct. 17, 2015. Picture by John Ernst and posted on his Twitter site and reposted in this CWG entry.


The Weather ...

There is still no frickin' "weather" of any note on the horizon. The shitty operational GFS (the easiest one for me to view quickly) is forever delaying would-be rain events, holding them forever at day 10 and beyond with every flippin' run.


The run-to-run inconsistency gives me the runs.

Except for the weather indirectly associated with Hurricane Joaquin, the pattern has featured virtually nothing of note for the past 4 months and there is no sign of it changing -- just endless frickin' high pressure. (No, it doesn't really show up in precip. departures because the first part of the year was so wet).

The Palka-Cabra She-Dragon and Fred Hiatt's Washington Weather Consensus are both happy.

There she is ...



OK, that's all for now. I'll try to update the blog tomorrow. However, tomorrow (Wednesday) night is not a gym one.


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