Saturday, October 17, 2015

Jukebox Saturday Night for Oct. 17th, 2015: The Soda Pop, Sherry, and Somali Pirate Champagne Edition

As I promised I would in this entry, I would like to begin this Jukebox Saturday Night entry with this wonderful 1980s New Age instrumental piece ...

"Celestial Soda Pop" by Ray Lynch from his Deep Breakfast album (1984)

The YouTube video to this piece is absolutely wonderful with the music set to stunning coastal and rugged mountain flyovers. The last half features old airplanes, two of which end up flying in formation, along with what looks like an ancient United Airlines prop plane, although the color footage is all in good quality.

I'm unsure of where the rugged tropical islands featured around 0:15 are -- possibly the Marquesas. The dolphins may very well be those hyper-acrobatic dusky dolphins such as exist in large pods off the coast of New Zealand.

I remember listening to and loving this piece on my mom's car radio as a teenager in Glen Burnie, Md., back in the mid-1980s.

That aside, I was a screwed up teenager.

Screenshot from the YouTube video accompanying "Celestial Soda Pop" showing a dolphin "kissing" one of two dogs on a boat. That the dogs are not more freaked out by the dolphin suggests to me that they are accustomed to seeing them.


"Oh Sherrie" by Steve Perry from his "Street Talk" album (1984)

This album was Perry's first solo album even while he was still part of Journey.

The video doesn't make a whole lot of sense as a storyline. I suppose it's fine as a music video.


And now let's end with something Saturday night upbeat (although slightly jarring video-wise) ...

"Thinking About You" by Calvin Harris ft. Ayah Marar from Harris' release 18 Months (2012)
(Note: If some stupid-ass banner ad comes up that is so large vis-à-vis the reduced video that it blocks most of the video and because of which you cannot "x" it out (an ad that is clearly earning Wall-P some money), just hit "full screen" view and then you can "x" out the ad. Then hit "escape" to go back to the regular size. This happens because the original video is of larger dimensions (560x315) than the typical video (420x315). The reduction of this larger video to 380x235 (rather than 380x285) is necessary to fit within Blogger's framework but results in the compression while the banner ad size is fixed, hence the problem.)

The music video to this is very strange and somewhat disturbing in places. Indeed, I thought it was taken from a movie, but it turns out not to be the case. Rather than trying to explain, I'm just going to repost the Wikipedia description (sans links or footnotes) as it exists today:

The official music video was uploaded to Harris's Vevo account on 15 July 2013. It was directed by Vincent Haycock and filmed in Los Angeles off the coast of Santa Catalina Island. The video features a pool party, a rave, a boat party (which Marar is on) being hijacked by Somali pirates, a couple having sex on a plane and a beaten-up teenage boy taking out revenge by badly beating up the guy who did it to him. The video also features an appearance from Hurts member Theo Hutchcraft, who would appear as a featured artist on Harris's next single, "Under Control".

I will ask: Why the hell would a yacht full of really rich people be ANYWHERE NEAR the coast of Somalia?? And for the video, how did they advertise for the role of Somali pirates? "WANTED: Four frightening looking black guys with dreadlocks who can badass tote large machine guns for exciting new music video...??"


Here is the real deal.

I'm still endlessly fascinated by this picture.

As for the part of the video where the young man returns to beat up the other young guy who had beaten him up, that whole scene is so true to life in how something like that would play out.

Something like that.


OK, that's all for now.


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