Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Late Night Dyspeptic Entry But Featuring Some Lovely Columbus Day Pictures Taken Along the Mt. Vernon Bike Trail

The Navy-Merchant Marine Memorial, Lady Bird Johnson Park, Washington, D.C., 4:34PM October 12, 2015.

To be clear, this memorial is on the Virginia side but there is a weird little piece of D.C. called Columbia Island that extends on the Virginia side of the Potomac River.


This entry features pictures that I took on my walk a week ago on Columbus Day from National Airport to Rosslyn along the Mt. Vernon bicycle trail and then, after crossing the Key Bridge, in Georgetown at Maxime's, where I stopped for a drink and appetizer. I later went to Floriana, but I don't have any pictures from there.

A jet on final approach into National Airport, Gravelly Point, Arlington, Va., 4:06PM October 12, 2015.

I think this was a Virgin Atlantic jet.


Recall I had the day off from work. However, I was in a bad state from the previous night that featured too much drinking including at Larry's Lounge and at the Kalorama condo of this fellow named Jeff. I went there with a group of people including LP.

I intend to post the pictures I took on my bike ride this past Sunday in a subsequent entry. That bike ride including a portion along the very same Mt. Vernon trail between Old Town Alexandria and the 14th Street Bridge (the George Mason span).

Another jet on final approach into National Airport, Gravelly Point, Arlington, Va., 4:11PM October 12, 2015.


This entry contains mostly pictures -- I'm not going to do a lot of talking. It is already 11:19PM on Monday at the precise moment I type this sentence. I need to have this entry posted by 1230AM 1257AM as I need to get up by 715AM and into work by 930AM. (I need a full 90 minutes in the morning.)

Deeply regrettably, I skipped the gym tonight and instead did a bar routine that included going to Rebellion with that young people crowd I know through one of my best friends and then, next door, to Larry's Lounge (yes, LL again).

The Potomac River looking toward D.C. as seen from Gravelly Point, Arlington, Va., 4:12PM October 12, 2015.


There was a little downstairs party for T., and it ended up being a mostly good time, until a group picture was taken of me in which a shadow caused me to look like I was missing a front tooth. It made for big laughs.

Another view looking toward Washington, D.C., from the north end of Gravelly Point, Arlington, Va., 4:13PM October 12, 2015.

Yes, that's the Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial visible.


Long story short, I eventually got it deleted (unless it was forwarded unbeknownst to me), but not before going back upstairs where I discovered Roger was having a drink. I had a nice conversation with him until it turned political and ended up being deeply depressing to me.

A cottonwood tree growing in the park area just north of Gravelly Point, Arlington, Va., 4:18PM October 12, 2015.

You always know when you're near a cottonwood tree at certain times of the year with the "snow" of cottony tufts (hairs) of seeds in the air. The cottonwood is in the Populus genus as are aspens and poplars.


The catalyst of it was this provocative, deeply truthful, and nihilism-inducing article in Vox.com (link embedded):

It has to do with the horrendous "down ballot" condition Democrats are in across the United States outside of the idiot liberal urban enclaves and why it's kind of hopeless for decades to come.

I want to move to New Zealand.

In the meantime, I'm stuck in the D.C. Bubble.

Potomac River and the 14th Street Bridge as seen on the banks of the Virginia side of the Potomac River, 4:23PM October 12, 2015.


Oh, yes, speaking of elections, the Liberal Party won a sweeping victory in Canada's national elections tonight. The shitty Conservatives under the truly awful Stephen Harper lost big time. The party forced an 11-week campaign, which horrified some Canadians (the usual is 7 weeks).

The Navy-Merchant Marine Memorial seen silhouetted against the blue sky, Lady Bird Johnson Park, Washington, D.C., 4:34PM October 12, 2015.


Here in the U.S., it is 300+ weeks of Citizens United "dark money" billionaire oligarchical agony laundered through the for-profit TV and cable networks, but that's because Columbia is the Gem of the Ocean and Jesus Himself guides us to vote Republican.

And no amount of Republican Party dystopia can change the fundamental fact that EVERY election is a Michael Barone "GOP wave election" resetting the clock on the next Thousand Year Reign of the Conservative Entertainment Complex. Dems are clueless and Republicans are truly "voter proof."

The Navy-Merchant Marine Memorial (full on), Lady Bird Johnson Park, Washington, D.C., 4:34PM Oct. 12, 2015.


Meanwhile, idiot Dems living in their little sweet spot urban enclaves expect to lose while -- indeed, they want to lose -- and regularly do. Their party platform consists of abortions-on-demand and, well, more abortions on demand. Plus some "displaced worker retraining" bullshit.

What is it about Dems and all-abortions-all-the-time?? Even if you favor such a monstrosity, how in the world is that going to win you an election outside the urban enclaves? And that's assuming it hasn't been rigged or otherwise gerrymandered for Dems to lose from the get-go.

The Potomac River with the Washington Monument visible along with a willow tree on the Virginia side, 4:35PM October 12, 2015.


Oh, and Fred Hiatt's Washington Consensus smiles sweetly because there is nothing that a pundit or "think tank scholar" of neoliberal economic persuasion and neoconservative warmongering foreign policy credentials likes better than seeing Dems lose and then PROUDLY serving as Deputy Undersecretary of Dystopia in a Republican administration, beaming from ear to ear.

Of note, Justin Trudeau, the son of the late Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, now becomes Prime Minister. Justin Trudeau, of note, is about 3 years younger than I am. I mention this because it will be a milestone, of a sort, when the first U.S. President is younger than my age at the time.

It will, of course, be some Republican promising to turn Social Security over to a bunch of Wall Street shadow banksters and financial speculators, and Middle Americans being Middle Americans will be thrilled because Jesus would want it that way.

Yours truly under a willow tree along the Mt. Vernon bike trail, Arlington, Va., 4:40PM October 12, 2015.


Anyway, tomorrow is a dedicated gym night as is Thursday night (rather than my usual Monday / Wednesday routine).

I do have another problem I need to discuss and the reason why: My blood pressure is quite elevated these days for extended periods, and it is because I am so frequently upset over things.

A jet on final downriver approach into National Airport as seen through the boughs of a willow tree with the Potomac River and the Washington Monument visible, 4:37PM October 12, 2015.


I have to make an appointment tomorrow to see my doctor in the next week or so. I'm afraid I'm going to have to go -- finally -- on high blood pressure medication. There is no avoiding it.

I'm an almost 46-year old man who lives -- whether self-inflicted or not, but this society is incredibly conducive to it -- high levels of stress in a place and time so antithetical to happiness, or at least serenity and peace of mind that is going to cause me a stroke in the next few years at this rate if I don't change.

Another view of willow trees along the Virginia side of the Potomac with the Washington Monument visible, 4:37PM October 12, 2015.


While high blood pressure medication won't fix that, it will at least help alleviate the symptoms. I'm sure it will also cause me to balloon up into the size of a hippopotamus. God will be very happy, indeed.

Well, at least that's what I hear can happen in some instances: You get fat and have to be in a wheelchair, helpless. Just the way the Washington Consensus likes it.

The Mt. Vernon bike trail along the Potomac River, Arlington, Va., 4:40PM October 12, 2015.

This is near the Arlington Memorial Bridge.


Turning to the weather, we are in a prolonged and persistent "dead shit" pattern with NOTHING for the next week to 10 days at least. It has been rather cool the past two days -- there was even a record daily low at KBWI of 29F yesterday (Monday) morning, although as I predicted, KDCA didn't come anywhere near freezing for a low (37F). KIAD got down to 27F, but that wasn't quite a daily record low (25F in 1976).

However, it is forecasted to warm up to about 75F for a high by midweek before cooling off again.

A boardwalk section of the Mt. Vernon trail nearing Rosslyn, Arlington, Va., 5:12PM October 12, 2015.


There is a slight chance of showers on Sunday but that's five days away. And when you're looking at bullshit "fantasy panels" on the operational GFS at day 10, you know it's a nothing pattern.  Oh, and the fall display of leaves promises to be delayed and shitty dull this year.

A stop sign and bicycle route site near Theodore Roosevelt Island at a parking lot along the Mt. Vernon bike trail, Arlington, Va., 5:18PM October 12, 2015.


OK, that's all for now. I'll try to post an update tomorrow -- hopefully after a good gym workout following a good day at work.

One more picture:

The bar at Maxime's in Georgetown, Washington, D.C., 5:56PM October 12, 2015.

I went to Maxime's again on Saturday night for a very late dinner (nearly 11PM -- food is served until 1130PM-ish). I rather liked it.


OK, that really is all for now.  I'm feeling a bit better now by the end of this entry but I really need to sleep now. Again, I'll try to update the blog tomorrow.


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