Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Late Night Notes from Regulus: On Seeing the Pope with the President; Some Welcome Rains; a Morning Cold Shower; and an Embarrassment of Frank Rich's Brilliant Trump Ruminations

A "soft city" foggy night looking at part of the "monumental core" of Washington, D.C., including the scaffolding-encased U.S. Capitol dome, in a lovely picture taken by the tremendously prolific photographer Kevin Wolf on Sept. 19, 2015.

This image appeared in this CWG entry.


OK, I'm starting this entry over an hour later than I intended to because after going to the gym, I stopped at Local 16 to meet Dave J. The downstairs place was Monday night empty but for the downstairs bartender, who was playing a noisy, shoot-'em-up game on his smartphone.

We instead went upstairs, where the manager Jason was working. It was quite nice up there -- especially with the welcome rain and cool temperatures (see below).

Showery dusk in the 2000 block of New Hampshire Ave NW, Washington, D.C., 7:09PM September 21, 2015.

This is right outside my apartment building.


However, it was so late that I just had to go home. It was supposed to be a gym night -- indeed, it was earlier -- not a bar night.

As a result of that unplanned bar visit, in lieu of a significant entry, here is all I am going to say ...

First things first ... A friend of mine who is on an extended detail at the White House (he's why I was able to go last December), got tickets for Andrea and me to attend the White House arrival ceremony early Wednesday for Pope Francis at the start of his visit here in Washington, D.C.

This awesome Pope. Francis.


I'll just be in the crowd but still, that's kind of amazing: Seeing the most powerful political figure on the planet, the President of the United States, and, arguably, the most powerful spiritual leader on the planet, the Pope, head of the Roman Catholic Church, in one location -- namely, the former's home.

The only issue is that I need to be there by 815AM Wednesday morning and, in point of fact, about 60 to 90 minutes before that.

I'll DEFINITELY have more to say about this in a subsequent entry.


Showery dusk in the 2000 block of New Hampshire Ave NW, Washington, D.C., 7:10PM September 21, 2015.


Second, there was some rain today through a combination of an offshore weak low, an upper level disturbance over the Southeastern U.S., and an upper level trough over the Ohio river valley that allowed for overrunning precipitation, in particular west of the D.C. area in the Potomac Highlands and Shenandoah / Blue Ridge.

I actually didn't even think it was going to rain in D.C. at all, but eventually the precip. moved in and the column became sufficiently saturated for that to happen.

Sterling (LWX) NWS radar in enhanced composite mode, 5:00PM EDT September 21, 2015.

I haven't posted an LWX radar screen capture image in a while.


As for the rain amounts, it looks like KDCA had 0.23" through midnight (to be verified) while KBWI had just 0.07" and KIAD had 0.10". For its part, KDMH had a meager 0.03". By contrast, KCHO had a deluge with 1.93".

The night is cool with temps around 64F following a high of about 70F at KDCA.

The immediate area totals weren't enough to break the two-month-old drought. However, there is a bit more rain on the radar tonight "INVOF" of D.C.

**Note: These precipitation totals are not the official daily numbers nor the "event" totals. I'm too tired to wait for those and update them. Instead, these figures are based on looking at the hourly obs.**


Thirdly, I had a good gym workout tonight after work, although going to Local 16 for 75 minutes was sort of unplanned and not the best post-gym decision to make even though I like seeing Dave and the conversation with Jason was quite engaging.

The leafy boughs of a ginormous chestnut oak tree that grows in the tiny, fenced-in triangular park formed by the intersection of 17th and T Streets and New Hampshire Avenue NW, Washington, D.C., 2:05PM September 20, 2015.


Fourth / lastly, this morning I got up early (about 45 minutes earlier than usual) to take a shower before YET ANOTHER planned water outage in this old building -- in my "stack's" case, not just the building-wide hot water outage but also the cold water. However, the hot water was already off by 840AM owing to an unrelated plumbing problem.

Nevertheless, I still took a cold shower, which left me sorta shivering by the time it was over. What's more, it's kind of hard to warm up from that, and the coolness of the morning only continued the chill.

OK, that's all for now.

Oh, yes, before I go ...

Scott Walker -- that would-be toy-boy of Koch Brothers reactionary intrigue and instrument oligarchy and (neo-) feudalism -- dropped out of the GOP clown car presidential primary on the grounds that it is the only way for the GOP Establishment and its billionaire donor class to stop Donald Trump.

I guess Peggy Noonan's "embarrassment of riches" is turning out to be, well, an embarrassment.

Speaking of Trump, read this Frank Rich piece (link embedded): The importance of Donald Trump.


Far from destroying our democracy, he’s exposing all its phoniness and corruption in ways as serious as he is not. And changing it in the process.

It's far too long to excerpt but it is a boffo piece, in particular the second half.

The image is a "photo-illustration," although it certainly looks like it could be real.

Let me just add that I didn't realize until recently (since I had basically ignored her) what a force for darkness, fear, and loathing (not to mention prevarication) is Carly Fiorina. I actually think she's just too awful to get very far.

Screenshot of a Huffington Post piece on Carly Fiorina with an advertisement removed, Sept. 21, 2015.

"Bri-Wi" -- ha ha. (That's a pun on Brian Williams, of course, and it refers to what appears to be a pattern of basically lying about demonstrably falsifiable stuff.)


A big oil tanker truck zooming by Larry's Lounge, Washington, D.C., 10:22PM September 21, 2015.


OK, that's all for now. I will try to update the blog on Tuesday night. It's a non-gym night, and I'll be stopping at No. 9 to meet a former co-worker and friend. This means I might not post an entry when I get home, esp. given how early I have to get up Wednesday morning. However, I should have a bit more time to post later in the week.


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