Saturday, September 12, 2015

Jukebox Saturday Night Entry for Sept. 12th, 2015: The Mellow, Middle-Aged Gay Man Edition

"Downtown" by Petula Clark from her album of same name (1965)

Why I, as a 45-year old gay man, have never posted this song before in my Saturday (and, previously) Friday night musical entries isn't clear even to me. Here is Petula Clark's website.


Let's continue with the really gay theme ...

"I Am What I Am" by Gloria Gaynor from her I Am Gloria Gaynor release (1984)

The volume on this is a bit low but the lyrics and beat are wonderful. We love you, Gloria.

There is a better audio quality YouTube one with a weird and sort of wonderful video featuring people of dozens of cities all over the planet (including, allegedly, Pyongyang, and underwater on the Great Barrier Reef) with all kinds of groups of people dancing to it. However, "embedding (is) disabled by request" by Wall-P. The link to it is here.

I'm not sure who is the guy dancing throughout the video in all those places -- or if that's even real. It seems to be.


And we will end on a lovely, mellow note with Paul Hardcastle ...

"Marimba" by Paul Hardcastle from his Hardcastle 5 release (2008)

This video features some stunning natural scenery stills -- with an emphasis on tropical seaside ones.

I originally thought that this song dated back to 1995, but I can't find any album from back then. It might just be from 2008. I featured it back in this Nov. 2012 "FNMI" edition with a 1995 song day, but the YouTube link needs to be fixed.


OK, that's all for now. I'm meeting Wendy shortly and we are going to that concert on H Street NE and then perhaps to Old Ebbitt Grill for a late dinner thereafter.


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