Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Morning Update: Possibly Rainy Weekend Ahead and My Tele-Thursday

Just a brief Friday morning update as I have to get into the office.

I will be glad to get my own PC back. I've been using a loaner for the past two days, and it has many more issues -- similar to what my computer had a few months ago but that have since gone away or been resolved.

It's a mostly cloudy, cool day with a northeast breeze and temps. around 67F here in D.C.

There is actually now rain in the forecast for much of the weekend -- with Sunday's PoP at 80 -- as a coastal low and associated trough affects the Southeast and mid-Atlantic regions. There has been an interminable question based on inconsistent model runs (between and among) on whether it would rain at all. The CWG has had multiple entries on this question (I'm not going to link to them).

There continues to be big model differences in amounts and duration, but we should at least get some rain.

Yesterday, as a result of Pope Francis' now-concluded visit with the address to Congress and big rally on the Mall, I (and much of the D.C. area) teleworked. However, in the end, I really took off most of the afternoon.

I succeeded in doing various chores -- going to the bank to get new check register books, grocery shopping, going to the gym, and doing laundry. It was a good workout with an hour-long 6.33 mile jog (and cool down to 6.62 miles), weightlifting, and a short swim.

I walked home by 630PM to my apt. building, where the site manager was holding a planned little pizza, beer, and wine social in the lobby. It actually involved this building, the Hampton Courts, and the other one, the Wakefield (between which is the ornate Northumberland).

I got back around 630PM and it was still in full swing. It was supposed to last until 7PM but ran until nearly 10PM. Julie bought a few dozen pizzas and had all kinds of wine, beer, and soda pop. I had a good conversation with some people in the building I did not know beforehand. I also talked to my neighbor Joe (he is a Nellie's bartender) and to Mike H., who was as flamboyant and funny as ever.

Essentially, and in what reflects the demographics of the building, you had gay guys ... the Hispanic immigrants from Central America who live in the building ... some old African American folks ... and the young millennials ... And there was Mike talking about how he damaged his "$50,000 Mercedes" -- he wants you to know he has a $50,000 Mercedes -- while parking it. He has different kinds of problems than I do. His apartment is probably one of the biggest in the building and is quite nice.

Anyway, I was basically drunk by the time I got back upstairs. I still managed to do my laundry. This morning, I'm just worn out tired.

I'll try to update the blog this evening but it might not be until Saturday. I have to be careful with money this weekend. I have no plans of any note. I just want a very low-key weekend.


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