Friday, September 11, 2015

A Flippin' Entry Because I Need to Update This Blog -OR- End of Workweek Sturm and Summer Drought Drang

A serene and lovely sunrise on the Atlantic seashore, Fenwick, Del., Sept. 5, 2015. Picture by Nathan Jones.

This picture appeared in this CWG entry.


This is a genuinely brief update with few pictures.

I have been in front of a computer for about 20 of the past 30 hours, the "missing" 10 hours being a break of 4 hours for gym, etc., last night and then 6 hours for sleeping and getting up and getting ready for work. I was up from midnight to 4AM working on one of the three things I had to finish by today.

Mid-afternoon, a fourth and difficult task arose that precluded doing the third. In short, things were very hectic at work this week, esp. late in the week, and I might potentially have some work to do (a press release) over the weekend.

I had a good gym workout last night but I might have lifted too much weight -- exacerbated by all this damn typing.

There are a thousand things I would like to talk about but I'm not even going to bother. In fact, I'm just going to end the entry now.

The weather featured wall-to-wall sunshine.

Or maybe I should say, wall-p-to-wall-p "Eh. Eh. Eheheh. Money was made. Power was actualized. Therefore, the highest good was achieved") sunshine following a big rain-screwing yesterday (although Baltimore proper, an awful city, had 1+"; by contrast, KBWI had a trace).

Corporate oligarchs and their toady tools only deal in dry sunshine.

I ventured over to the CWG site cautiously as I had figured the "gang" would be all "today was a 10/10!" but I found this entry instead with this image:

Radar-estimated rainfall totals for Sept. 10th, 2015. (Somehow, KDCA got 0.11" -- not sure how that happened.)

You can hear not just the DESERT WAR GOD saying "Yea, verily," but also the Washington Consensus -- that instrument of oligarchy also known as Fred Hiatt's house (with sidekick Benji "YAY! DRONES" Wittes) -- singing happily.

This is presumably because such weather facilitates "entitlement reform" and the next war of choice in a JEB! administration in between taxpayer-funded giveaways to multimillionaire and billionaire oligarchs on the road to corporate feudalism and fascism while the political-whore media got played (as ever) like the Ping-Pong ball "views differ on shape of planet" clueless tools they are, or maybe it's better to say, like a cheap fiddle at a Fox News hoedown.

Nevertheless, the Palka-cabra She-Dragon -- or its fully formed self, an Arrakis sandworm -- loves drought and heat and can't get enough of it to the point that it encysts all available rainwater.

The Palka-cabra as a fully grown adult sandworm called Shaihuludata gigantica.

There is a 90POP for rain showers tomorrow night but already a day prior, I tentatively call bullshit in this drought pattern.

The Washington Weather Consensus will stay dry.

I'm unsure about going to the gym tomorrow. I have had a series of good workouts and I'm a bit fatigued and my left wrist is again hurting. I might go tomorrow night with Miss Wendy to some place in Capitol Hill -- the H Street NE corridor that I have made a point of forever avoiding -- to see some Mongolian Cambodian rock band.

Oh, yes, I forgot ...

9-11 ... 9-11 ... 9-11 ... 9-11 ... 9-11 ... 9-11 ... 9-11 ... 9-11 ... 9-11 ... 9-11 ... 9-11 ... Did I mention 9-11? No? Well, then 9-11 ... 9-11 ... 9-11 ... 9-11 ... 

OK, that's all for now.

I'm not even going to attempt any further discussion including political lest this entry spiral out of control and ruin my night. As for tonight, my plans are just the usual places. My next update might just be my jukebox Saturday night entry rather than anything more substantive. I simply do not have the hours required to dedicate to the entries I want to post, at least not now.


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