Sunday, September 6, 2015

A Disjointed Late Sunday Entry on Friday & Saturday Doings with Unrelated UMCP/College Park Pictures (Posted from a Cozy Room in Millersville, Md.)

The house at 4710 College Park, Md., mostly concealed by an wall of arboreal greenery, 3:35PM August 23, 2015.

I've always quite liked this tree-cloaked old house with its three stories and steeply sloping roof. Recall I went there on the Metro. visited the campus, and biked back to D.C. I'll spare everyone, though, my commentary about what a failure was my decades' long experience there.


This somewhat disjointed entry features the pictures I took in College Park including on the UMCP campus on August 23rd along with an update of my Friday and Saturday. As I alluded to here, this entry actually started out just as an update that, predictably, spiraled out of control in terms of length, taking far too long for a Saturday night posting and with all these topically unrelated College Park/UMCP pictures.

The house at 7306 Princeton Ave., College Park, Md., 3:39PM August 23, 2015.

I lived in this house for nearly 5 years in a tiny upstairs room and just before I moved into D.C. in early 2001. The house didn't have the big, suburban American-style ostentatious front addition at the time. The "7300" number is because it is 73 blocks north of the U.S. Capitol building while the "4700" number for the house in the lead picture is because it is 47 blocks east of the U.S. Capitol building. The D.C. street numbering (not naming) system extends across much of Prince George's County.


In particular, the initial entry ended up involving all this content about a planned Sunday lunch with my mom in Odenton, Md., that morphed into a possible overnight stay into Monday (Labor Day) with her and Ray at their place in Millersville. There was also mention of the possibility of meeting this couple named Jerry and Lola from my long-ago past. Jerry and Lola were my mom and Ray's friends back at SHAPE, Belgium back in the 1970s. I then went into detail of how we met them.

The University of Maryland Memorial Chapel, UMCP grounds, College Park, Md., 4:10PM August 23, 2015.


All these things came to pass today (Sunday), and furthermore, I also have a series of topically more appropriate pictures taken today in Anne Arundel County for it. As a result, I have moved all of that content into a separate draft entry that I would like to post later tonight, although it might be more like tomorrow night.

As of right now, I am presently at my mom and Ray's place in Millersville in the cozy little back room composing these entries (see bottom of entry for photo).

A sunlit view of the Univ. of Maryland Memorial Chapel, UMCP grounds, College Park, Md., 4:11PM August 23, 2015.


What follows is the remaining part of the update along with the topically unrelated College Park / UMCP pictures...

As for this past Friday, Andrea and I went to Cuba Libre for a few drinks and some appetizers after work. It was a very stressful two days at work following my brief Jersey shore vacation (yes, the pictures will be posted). I run a real risk of being laid off if I cannot get more client billable work. I have to look for a new job even just as a backup.

Walkways on the UMCP South Campus, College Park, Md., 4;12PM August 23, 2015.

My very first College Park residence was on campus in Harford Hall -- not visible through the tree canopy. Those trees have gotten noticeably bigger since 1992.


I walked to No. 9 where I had a couple more drinks, and then to Floriana to Dito's bar, where I remember watching part of the wonderful movie Auntie Mame with Rosalind Russell (not to be confused with the later (1974) movie version Mame with Lucille Ball and Bea Arthur as her sidekick Vera. While the later version is a musical, it is definitely a darker take on it.

At some point, Dave J. joined me and we went to Fox & Hounds where there was a big group including Gary and Jamie. I don't really remember much being there. (By the way, in all the times I've mentioned that place on this blog, I have always called it "Fox & Hound." However, I discovered on Saturday night that the actual name is "Fox & Hounds" (plural on the second word). I discovered this by looking at the white lettering on the awning overhang.)

A large sawtooth oak tree growing next to the Memorial Chapel, UMCP grounds, College Park, Md., 4:14PM August 23, 2015.

This oak tree with its twin giant trunks (it's actually a single tree) is conveniently labeled with a little plastic nametag stating that it is a sawtooth oak. The tag also includes its Latin name, Quercus acutissima.

When I lived at UMCP in Harford Hall -- back in the period 1992 - 1994 -- I actually once called up the grounds-keeping office to ask and got a call back telling me it was a sawtooth oak.

Oh, yes, the ginormous white oak that grew near the Lee Building is no longer there. That tree was purportedly a sapling of Maryland's famed, now vanished state tree, the Wye Oak. It was dying and the university had it cut down.


As I said, I really don't recall much from being at "F&H", although I do recall walking home and dropping -- somewhat forcefully -- my cellphone after another failed attempt to reach my dad. (I had a big go-around with that this Sunday but I finally did.)

To be clear, the old one was in bad shape, already borderline on the fritz due to a bum charge port that required me nightly to jury rig a setup involving a chair leg to get the wire to remain inside the port. After the drop, though, the screen no longer worked.

The walkway on the south-side of the McKeldin Mall looking west, UMCP campus, College Park, Md., 4:19PM August 23, 2015.


I got up around 1030AM on Saturday -- badly hung over but not really able to sleep. After showering, etc., and getting ready, I was going to just go to the gym (the 60-minute jog I do really sweats all of the liquor out) but instead, I ended up meeting with Dave J. and we walked to the Verizon store on L Street by Connecticut Avenue. The place was NOT crowded and I was seen quickly and quite helpfully by a fellow named Walter. Dave and I also had lunch at Potbelly at L and 19th.

I went to the gym thereafter and had a good workout (see below).

The walkway on the south-side of the McKeldin Mall looking east, UMCP campus, College Park, Md., 4:19PM August 23, 2015.


I should point out that this new phone is another LG Verizon flip-open but of a slightly newer model.

Interestingly, my monthly bill is going *down* approximately $11 per month to approx. $55/month, or rather it would except for a $2.50/month charge for the phone until I have completely paid for it, which should take two years. This is how Verizon does things now in lieu of contracts. Anyway, my new bill should be around $58 per month instead of $66.36 as it has been. As I have kept these flip-open models over the years, my bill has actually declined significantly from, say, four years ago.

Oh, and let me say that I do have a Smartphone, but it is for work and I don't use it much (although I certainly did on Saturday morning).

The walkway under the front main steps of Francis Scott Key Hall, UMCP campus, College Park, Md., 4:20PM August 23, 2015.

It is in this sunken walkway next to a whirling ventilation fan hidden behind a wooden slotted wall is a concrete wall on which is written in now-nearly-illegible handwriting the words, "We, Bill and Julia, do take these paths [illegible]. What is happening? January 24, 1969."

(I might be slightly off on the date but it is definitely in January 1969.)


OK, at this point, I am moving all the content about possibly meeting up with a couple named Jerry and Lola -- friends of my mom and Ray from back in their days in Belgium in the 1970s -- to the subsequent entry where I have more appropriate pictures. I hope to have that entry posted later tonight but it's more likely tomorrow. Oh, and Gloria has her Jersey shore pictures ready, so I need to post both the ones I took and those she took.

Prince Frederick Hall, UMCP campus, College Park, Md., 4:29PM August 23, 2015.

Prince Frederick Hall is yet another new building on the UMCP campus. It is located near Butt Van Munching Hall that houses the School of Public Policy (my third graduate program at UMCP). Prince Frederick Hall apparently houses the UMCP resident life department (or whatever it's called). In keeping with the steady Deep State corporatization of everything, including and especially the vast racket of American higher education, this building had all kinds of locks and card readers on the doors and surveillance cameras galore.

I wanted to go inside to a top floor -- that was not possible -- because the roof of the building appears to be higher than the top of Morrill Hall, which though far smaller, is located on the very top hill of the campus and from which it is possible to see the 8-mile distant Washington Monument above the tree-cloaked rise of University Park.

I did not take a picture of Morrill Hall, the oldest surviving building on campus. Well, actually, I did but it came out crummy.


Forested path between College Park and University Park, Md., 4:32PM August 23, 2015.

This wooded pathway that runs from behind the College Park LDS Institute off Mowatt Lane to the dead end of Chansory Lane and Calverton Drive in University Park, Md., in the section of it called College Heights Estates. It is the only pedestrian access point into the upscale, semi-hidden enclave of University Park between Rt. 1 and Adelphi Road. It is kept that way intentionally.


Another view of the forested path between College Park and University Park, Md., 4:35PM August 23, 2015.

I was wheeling my bicycle along this path. There is actually a mini-brook that you have to "ford" on a conveniently-placed wooden plank.


As noted above, my sleep into Saturday morning was drunken not restful and I got up around 1030AM. After getting the new phone, I went to the gym and had a good three-part workout. I then came home and made dinner (pork chops, steamed broccoli, and jasmine rice and that raspberry-flavored Vintage Seltzer water I drink so much of).

The dead end (or start) of Calverton Drive and Chansory Lane, University Park, Md., 4:36PM August 23, 2015.


As for Saturday night, it was far more low key. I went to Floriana to Dito's bar, where at some point, Dito put on these YouTube clips of this woman named Alexyss Tylor. I don't know if her sex "advice" monologues are intentionally meant to be performance art -- a sort of Freudian psychotherapy on steroids, American urban black ghetto style, but they are like nothing I've ever seen before. Having her bewildered and constipated-looking mother sitting next to her just adds to the surreal quality of it all. You think the whole thing is a joke when the mother tries to say something and Ms. Tylor looks annoyed, as if she's interrupting the comedy routine. Oh, and the grimy video quality from whenever it was filmed -- apparently on some New York City public access channel at an unspecified point in time -- removes any temporal context. I can't even post the words in this entry -- much less link to her site.

Later, I went to Fox & Hounds and then briefly to Larry's Lounge with Jamie, Jenny, and some other folks before walking home.

St. Augustine Catholic Church, Washington, D.C., 6:53PM September 5, 2015.

This is actually the first picture I took with my new cellphone.


The weather continue to be hot, humid, rainless, and shitty with multiple days over 90F for highs, although this Sunday was "only" 87F at KDCA and 84F at KBWI . It looks like there might be a more meaningful chance of rain (thunderstorms) toward the end of the upcoming work week. There has been no measurable rain at both KDCA and KBWI since Aug. 24th and it has been quite dry area-wide since about mid-July.

The cozy backroom where I composed much of this entry (reworked from the previous one) and where I will sleep tonight, Millersville, Md., 11:17PM Sept. 6, 2015.


I am planning on taking the Amtrak from BWI Rail Station back to D.C. tomorrow (MARC is not running) and perhaps going to LP's Grosvenor Park place to the pool.

OK, that's all for now. Good night.


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