Monday, August 10, 2015

Up the Potomac River Chronicles: Serving a Life Sentence in Washington, D.C. - The Series

This is a weird bike tunnel that connects S. Royal Street to Windmill Hill Park, Alexandria, Va., 3:39PM August 9, 2015.

There is no existing windmill (or wind turbine) in the park, not that I saw.


I'm not feeling well this morning and I've taken two hours off of sick leave. I should be in the office around noon. I also plan to go to the gym tonight.

It was kind of a crappy weekend, esp. last night, although Saturday night with Dave was a lot of fun.

The little one with his soccer ball. 

Brady makes me happy even if all I get are occasional sent picture messages of him.


I am so glad that it is a gloomy, gray, drizzly morning with an air temp. around 73F. It perfectly suits my mood rather than the blazing, overheated sun of August. It is a bit humid, though (the dew point is about 66F).

I'll try to update the blog later tonight with the pictures I took on a walk of 6 to 7 miles yesterday primarily in Old Town Alexandria and on the Mount Vernon bike trail up to National Airport. I have to say that the Potomac River, although it looks nice, is really nasty with its turgid waters filled with "fringing" mats of dense, putrid green algae and decaying litter.

The Potomac River looking toward the Maryland side from Alexandra, Va., 3:43PM August 9, 2015.

The nasty mats of floating green algae are decorative ...

The tidal Potomac is just a nasty river and the Chesapeake Bay isn't much better. Neither have ever recovered and are probably about as bad as ever in terms of nutrient overloading. How so many people fish in it is beyond me. 

As for me, I'm an Atlantic Ocean person myself.


My computer issues remain as unresolved as ever, and I'm still using this little old laptop with its archaic operating system, impossibly slow pace now occurring after the usual bullshit "important updates", and lack of basics (such as snipping tool for screen shots).

As for my work PC, it simply cannot access the internet from home due to the Barracuda configuration.

Basically, nothing works and it is a metaphor for my life.

Let's get this frickin' day started.


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