Saturday, August 15, 2015

Jukebox Saturday Night for Aug. 15th, 2015: The High Summer and Old School Edition

I'm in a bit of a hurry this evening so I'm only posting two songs for this jukebox Saturday night edition...

"Summer Wind" as performed by the late, great Frank Sinatra on his Strangers in the Night album (1966)

Summer Wind was written by Heinz Meier with lyrics by Johnny Mercer and was first recorded by Wayne Newton in 1965, but Sinatra's version is probably the best known. Of note, Wayne "Mr. Las Vegas" Newton is still performing. His website is here.


And let's end with something really old school and upbeat ...

"Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough" by another late, great one, Michael Jackson, from his Off the Wall release (1979)

This song was a big hit at the time. The video of a young Jackson doing this signature dance moves is enjoyable to watch -- but also sad knowing that he died too soon. What astonishing talent he had (rather than just a Madonna-like advertising juggernaut machine).


I managed to get to the gym but owing to limited time, I could only get in a jog, a hop in the steam room, and a 15-minute swim. To be clear, I jogged 5.25 miles (not my usual 6.5). I had no time to do any weightlifting, or rather, I could not do that and also go swimming. Furthermore, I was too tired for the former to be effective.

The reason I had such little time is I saw Chris H. -- passing through D.C. today en route to an Atlantic shore visit south of here -- and that sort of upended my day. The little one (Brady) was not with him, having been taken by a friend for the week. Chris and I made a brief visit to Sign of the Whale on M Street, where the bar staff was just starting out their Saturday shift -- and was rather rowdy.

As for tonight, I am supposed to meet DD in Bethesda at Rock Bottom in barely an hour (ostensibly at 830PM) so I need to sign off now.


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