Friday, August 14, 2015

Following a Hectic Week, a Hurried Update with Supplemental Old School Friday Night Musical Interlude (on a Fully Functional Computer!)

The marshy - swampy area by Beaverdam Creek along Corporate Drive next to the New Carrollton Metro, Landover, Md., 10:25AM August 14, 2015.


OK, this has been a hectic week because of the three consecutive daily trips on the Metro to New Carrollon that I had to make out to the Prince George's County no man's land / suburban purgatory where is located the company's Landover office to help put together a ginormous annual report for one of DOE / EERE' technology offices including the production of the hardcopies.

This evening is very hectic because I had to get to my regular office (at L'Enfant Plaza), take care of a few work-related issues and submit my timesheet, hurry to Dupont Circle to get money and some groceries*, and then get home, make a quick dinner, and post this update -- and all in time to meet Dave J. at 820PM and then the both of us walk to Baan Thai (our planned rendezvous) with Miss Wendy. I'm just meeting them for drinks. If there is no room there, we will go elsewhere. I'll probably go to No. 9 thereafter.

*I'm rather low on money until next Friday so I went to the Dupont Circle CVS -- which is now wholly renovated with a much better look and layout that includes a mini-grocery store -- and got some sirloin beef Chunky Soup, a protein bar, bottle of Powerade, and two little tubes of mozzarella cheese. I had a banana and light breakfast but skipped lunch.

That was dinner.

Speaking of money, I got a 1.5% raise (these occur at random times during a year rather than annually).

Friday summer evening scene at Dupont Circle, Washington, D.C., 7:06PM August 14, 2015.

I took this image barely an hour before posting it.


The weather was very warm and somewhat humid today with no real clouds, kinda hazy and lightly polluted air, and no convective activity (i.e., showers and t-storms). It reached 88F at KDCA and KBWI and 86F at KIAD.
There is still no rain in the forecast for the next frickin' 7 days. This time of year sucks.

I'm going to try to go to the gym tomorrow, although I may have to nix the jog. I've done quite a bit of that in the past two weeks and I can feel it with foot pain.

Oh, yes, my work computer has been completed fixed so now I get YouTube and with no problem and I can upload pictures to Blogger via Internet Explorer. Also, my ASUS notebook home computer is all upgraded and good to go.

Indeed, to commemorate this, here is a special supplemental musical entry -- akin to my old Friday Night Musical Interludes that were subsequently replaced by my Jukebox Saturday Night feature (which I intend to post tomorrow). Below are two clips, both of which I've posted in these musical entries (here and, in the Friday night incarnation, here).

This one because it was stuck in my head the other day ...

Matthew Wilder really looks like my dad back then.

And this one because (1) I love it so much, and (2) an impromptu band in the grimy New Carrollton Metro station was playing it rather nicely, making for a lovely feel to that grungy, no man's land place ...

OK, that's all for now.


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