Monday, July 27, 2015

High Summer and a Few Monday Morning Low Political Thoughts

The forested Rock Creek Trail just south of Lake Needwood in either Derwood or Rockville (not sure which), Md., 2:29PM July 29, 2015.


Monday morning. It's a summery warm and humid "high summer day." We had a thunderstorm in the wee hours that woke me over the sound of my fan and air conditioner with brilliantly flashing lighting and a brief deluge of rain.

The regional obs show the following: 0.11" at KDCA; 0.27" at KIAD; 0.15" at KBWI, and 0.53" at KDMH.

Anyway, I don't have time to post an entry now. I took a nearly 30 mile bike ride yesterday that started at the Shady Grove Metro (well, actually, it started at my apartment but I rode to the Farragut North Metro) all the back to D.C. on a circuitous rout including three main bike routes (Rock Creek Trail, Georgetown Branch, and Capital Crescent) and down to the Mall and back to Dupont. It included a nice lunch with Quill at Rock Bottom in Bethesda.

I have some pictures that I intend to post late tonight (probably after midnight by the time I finish). Tonight after work is a planned gym night.

The forested fecunity along Rock Creek Trail near Lake Needwood, Montgomery Co., Md., 2:29PM July 29, 2015.


Below is something I started to write last night, so here goes ...

So at this point, I am increasingly of the view that Hillary is probably going to lose the 2016 general election and -- despite however unfair this is given our atavistic domestic political situation with today's GOP, it's partially her own fault and not just because of the media's awful "Clinton Rules" of coverage.

And Donald Trump -- Huey Long character though he may be -- is surging for reasons that the WaHoPo Editorial Board and Beltway "Washington Consensus" Crowd are too insular to understand. True, that just means we are much more likely to have a Scott Walker presidency -- unless Trump really has a third party candidacy that enables Hillary to win with just a plurality of votes and an oddly configured Electoral College tally -- but there you have it.

Scott Walker is, of course, the boy-toy of Koch Brothers intrigue a facilitator and enabler to what appears to be an inevitable outcome of Feudalism and Oligarchy, 21st Century American-style.

Just wanted to get that out there.

OK, that's all for now.


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