Friday, July 3, 2015

Friday Night Blog Forum: A Pre-Independence Day Evening Update: Two Gym Visits and a My Thai Dish; Needless Greek Tragedy Salad Extra

The walkway to the basement entrance of 1224 17th St NW, Washington, D.C., 5:09PM July 3, 2015.

This building houses the law firm of Slover & Loftus, LLP, and it is located next to the YMCA National Capital.


Friday night, both the Independence Day federal holiday and the day before Independence Day itself. Raising the topic of the 4th of July -- as a celebratory holiday of the founding of the United States of America -- is much too lengthy one to go into in what I intend to be just a short update.

I will try to post these in a subsequent entry tomorrow. Instead, I'll just post another personal update as I did in my previous entry.

I had off from work this Friday and I made it basically like a typical Saturday in terms of tasks and chores: gym visit and laundry.

The yard at the corner of 16th and R Streets NW, Washington, D.C., 7:21PM July 3, 2015.

That strange shrub in the middle of the yard (itself large by D.C. standards) has been growing there for at least 10 years (well do I remember it on various late night walks back from Cobalt stretching back to 2005), and it is probably more like 20 years old.


I actually went first to the YMCA Anthony Bowen and later to the YMCA National Capital.

At the Anthony Bowen Y, I did my 60 minute jog plus 5 minute cool down stretching to 6.50 miles. However, I had an average course run incline of 2.0 percent, not 4.0 percent as usual including on Wednesday (the latter can range as high as 7.0 percent).

I also had the new Dr. Scholl's Massage Gel insoles in my sneakers and wore two corn pads even though I don't have those but rather various toe issues associated with the jogging. Anyway, I made it through the jog no worse for the wear.

Well, actually, there was a moderate amount of pain afterwards and walking awkward, but it has since gone away.

Also, my weightlifting left something really to be desired. I basically did very little.

Later, and after going home briefly, I walked to the National Capital YMCA, where I did a bit more weightlifting (again, on the machines) and then went swimming for a half hour.

Exterior of the YMCA National Capital from a picture I found somewhere online.

There is much I would like to say about the big, old National Capital Y. It really seems to be in terminal decline in terms of number of people who there, and it's sad to me. It depresses me. (Yes, I'm one of the people who mostly stopped going there.) There are times the place seems less a gym and more a weird urban office building version of a morgue, although it is so large with so many floors and hidden rooms that frequently there are more people there than you realize.

I'll just leave it at that for now.

I will say that I weighed myself -- and I have to report that I've pretty much put on a steady 5 pounds back up to 147 pounds, so my net weight loss from 3 years ago is now 35 pounds, not 40 pounds. For reference, my ideal weight (given current muscle mass) is (in my view) in the 135 to 140 pound range, but that's probably not going to happen.

Oh, and to be clear, virtually any weight on put on is fat, not muscle. I just have that kind of useless peasant / serf (not surf) body.

I also for the first time ever in going there -- including back in the early 2000s -- went into the steam room. I didn't like it and much prefer the Anthony Bowen Y steam room. However, the whole "men's club" feel to that odd and oddly hidden floor of the National Capital YMCA floor is genuinely strange, sort of an aging relic (or maybe time capsule) from when it was built in 1978 or thereabouts.

Anyway, I walked home in the gloomy, mild July evening with light rain starting to fall. Actually, I did something I hadn't done in a while: Stopped at Bua at the little bar, ordered dinner to go (always the same dish: pad pak with beef or with chicken) and had one of those Singha Beers that I quite like.

View behind the little bar at Bua, Washington, D.C., 7:14PM July 3, 2015.

Interestingly, there used to be a waitress there named "Bua" (I think she said it means "flower"), no relation to the owner, but she moved back to Thailand a number of years ago.

The TV above the little bar was (of course) on and tuned to frickin' Wheel of Fortune, one of the stupidest game shows ever. I mean, there are only 26 letters to guess and with 3 contestants, one of them is going to "get" the puzzle quite quickly. Worst of all is the host of the show: the cluelessly climate change-denying and trolling, rightwing ass-hat Pat Sajak.

Above: Pat the Rightwing Ass-Hat Sajak: He's a lot older looking now than in this photo.

However, it was almost muted and some ventilation or refrigeration unit was whirling somniferously away and it made for a nice feeling at the bar. I nearly stayed there for dinner.

I'm home now doing my laundry. I'll go out in about an hour. I might be meeting Nick and Jake around Dupont Circle. I also might go to No. 9.

Last night, I met Jamie at Fox & Hound and we went to Larry's Lounge, which was actually kind of fun. I saw on one of the two TVs (muted and close-captioned) the movie To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar. I never actually saw it before. Some of the gay drag queen dialogue was kind of hilarious.

It's really sad about Patrick Swayze.

For tomorrow, I am going to visit Wendy at her "new" place -- well, she's been there for at least 6 months now, but I've not yet seen it -- and then might go to a party to which I have been invited. It is at Jake's place, and it is in Ballston in Arlington, I'm not sure yet.

I intend to post a jukebox Saturday night entry tomorrow, although early.

For Sunday, I'd like to take a bike ride (no gym again until Monday night), but I also will try to post a blog entry about the situation in Greece. The referendum occurs there on Sunday.

I totally agree with James Galbraith that a "no" vote is the only path forward to save the euro itself, but the situation is so chaotic and confusing that a "yes" vote might prevail. This will satisfy the European (and American Washington Consensus) overclass elites and German oligarchical banksters, as well as the population of Germany and too many other countries -- but it will just create, as Paul Krugman noted in his Friday New York Times op-ed , "a crisis much worse than anything we've seen so far."

We're talking Golden Dawn Party / return-to-fascism crisis, but Europe is probably heading that way in the next 10 to 20 years anyway.

But let's save that topic for another time.

OK, that's all for now.


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