Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Wednesday Morning Update -OR- This Enjoyable Cool and Wet Early June

Doubtful Sound, South Island, New Zealand.


I didn't get a chance to update the blog last night. I'll try to do so tonight after my gym visit. Last night, I went to Baan Thai (also called Tsunami Lounge) on 14th Street with Andrea after work. I then went to No. 9 and, after getting home, went back out for about an hour to meet Dave J. at a nearly empty Local 16.

We even were on the upstairs deck where -- except for the bored bartender who was happily distracted by his smartphone -- we were the only two. (From Local 16, I can actually see my apartment window in the Hampton Courts building.)

Giant kelp forest off Santa Cruz Island, M. Meier.


It was a cool, drizzly, intermittently showery day and even cooler, drizzly-showery night. Temps. were only in the mid-60s Fahrenheit -- quite a change from the recent warmth including a high of 92F at KDCA the previous day. Today is again overcast and cool with scattered showers -- the kind of weather I love, especially this time of the year when it cane be so horrible.

Oh, yes, the rainfall total on June 1st was 2.49" at KDCA and 2.50" at KBWI, both daily records, while KIAD only had 0.06" and KDMH (Maryland Science Center) 0.48". Yesterday, there was an additional 0.46" at KDCA; 0.55" at KBWI; 0.16" at KIAD; and 0.30" at KDMH.

Only KIAD is not into surplus for the year.

I'm heading into the office now. I did some editing work at home this morning. Tonight is a gym night. Tomorrow is also a gym night, though probably just swimming (at the National Capital YMCA instead of the Anthony Bowen YMCA).

Money-wise, I am EXTREMEY low until my next pay check (next Friday, June 12th). However, the first of the two "extra" checks on my company's biweekly pay cycle (which replaced the semi-monthly one in January) "shows up" in the sense of not having to go for rent next month. That is, of the next five paychecks, only two have to go toward rent rather than the rent / non-rent cycle I've followed for the past 5 years. The next one shows up probably in December or January.

OK, that's all for now.


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