Friday, June 19, 2015

The Friday Morning "Have You Seen Me?" and All-Purpose Weather Update Entry

**This entry was posted on June 19, 2015.**

A sign for a lost little dog named "Henry" -- a an adorable little Shih Tzu -- posted at the corner of Pershing Drive and Mayfield Place, Silver Spring, Md., 1:19PM June 14, 2015.

I really hope "Henry" has been found, poor little guy. The sign said he slipped out of his house and lost his way.

This was another picture that I took on last Sunday on my hybrid walk and bike ride in the Maryland suburbs -- a walk while with Quill around Sligo Creek and downtown Silver Spring and then a bike ride back to D.C. via the Georgetown Branch and Capital Crescent Trails. I've posted a few of these pictures in recent entries but not in a dedicated entry.


This entry is just to replace the previous one and it not an actual update.

I was going to post a new one last night after a gym visit (to the National Capital rather than the Anthony Bowen YMCA), but instead I ended up meeting Dave at Local 16 where we had a really nice time. The place was almost empty and we just chatted with the bar manager (who was bartending). We were there for about an hour but by the time I got home, posting an entry wasn't an option. As I said in my previous entry, this week just hasn't been good for writing entries, in particular because of the time and effort involved.

A cumulus congestus cloud complex as seen from the corner of 13th and U Streets NW, Washington, D.C., 6:40PM June 18, 2015.

I was walking home from the U Street/Cardozo Metro after work when I took this picture. Of note, right at the same time, a lady was walking this large, "lanky," straggly looking dog that seemed to have a touch of Russian wolfhound (borzoi) in it. The dog kept staring at me in a way that was actually unnerving. I guess I reminded the dog of someone, or else I looked strange to him (or her).


It is a partly cloudy, warm, humid day with a chance of showers. We have been in a rather wet pattern with bouts of thunderstorms. The sky has featured some beautiful towering cumulus / cumulus congestus and cumulonimbus cloud formations and, last night, a lightning display off to the east with a thunderstorm complex about 40 miles to the east over the Chesapeake Bay and Eastern Shore.

A close-up of the Sterling (LWX) NWS radar in composite (rather than base reflectivity) mode zoomed in on the D.C. area at 4:50PM June 18, 2015.

It shows a cluster of t-storms moving through the District and environs and indicates multiple severe thunderstorm warnings (yellow outlines) and a flash flood warning (green outline) in effect. The green box is just over the District and Arlington (and is kind of hard to discern).

Having said that, I realize these NWS radar displays really are not very useful for the lay person. I wish the NWS would change the format already of the radar presentations.


Rainfall continues to be abundant this June. Between a drenching thunderstorm yesterday early evening and a late night short-lived downpour here in the immediate D.C. area, KDCA has officially logged 0.54" of rain in the past 24 hours (not a calendar day total). KBWI had even more with 0.83" in the past 24 hours.

These spots are over 5" and 6", respectively, month-to-date, and both are above year-to-date, although last year, ironically, was wetter up to this point because of a wetter early to mid spring. KIAD has had 0.60" of rain and a bit over 3-1/2" month-to-date. It is actually below normal for the year, though. I'll post more accurate numbers in a subsequent entry.


A portion of the NWS composite mode national radar mosaic centered on the South Central Plains and showing the remnant circulation of Tropical Storm Bill, 1618UTC June 18, 2015.

The remnant (tropical depression) circulation of Tropical Storm Bill that came shore along the Texas Gulf Coast, dropped flooding rains on already water-logged parts of Texas and eastern Oklahoma (12+ inches in places), and has moved into the mid-Mississippi River valley may bring a bout of heavy rainfall to the mid-Atlantic on Saturday night as it moves through with a frontal system.

This is the "dedicated" Southern Plains sector of the NWS composite mode national radar mosaic about 24 hours earlier at 1748UTC June 17, 2015 showing former Tropical Storm Bill centered just about over Fort Worth, Texas with abundant rainfall across the Lone Star State.

Texas has been inundated with unprecedented rainfall this spring.

This is why Texas urgently needs a more expansive "mandatory open carry in church" law; a requirement that all people receiving Obamacare through likely soon-to-be-upended Federal exchanges in the state wear a scarlet 'O' on their shirts; and should start hoarding gold bullion reserves for the coming Nancy Pelosi / Zimbabwe-style dollar hyperinflation and fundi-pocalypse.

Above all else, it's NOT due to climate change. Jesus won't let that happen! JUST STOP SAYING THAT!


The Sligo Creek, Silver Spring, Md., 1:27PM June 14, 2015.

This is just "down stream" from Colesville Road.


OK, I better get this day started. (As it is, I'm taking an hour or so off today.) Again, I'll try to post an entry this evening.


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