Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Still In Much Red Welted, Eye Swollen Pain with Much Kvetching; Tangentially-Related Sunday Bike Ride Pictures

A cumulus cloud in a sunny blue sky as seen over 955 L'Enfant Plaza from the stairwell of my office building, Washington, D.C., 12:35PM June 22, 2015.

This is the only picture in this entry that I took with my cellphone camera that I did not take on Sunday.


Well, my right eye situation has not improved and, if anything, it is worse. I am just about at a point where I need to go to the MedStar urgent care facility in Adams Morgan rather tomorrow -- well, actually, now today (Tuesday) -- rather than waiting until Thursday to see my regular doctor at the Chevy Chase location. The painful red welt is still there with a touch of a white spot just under my right eye and there is noticeable (though not grotesque-looking) swelling.

The Tidal Basin near sunset with the Rosslyn skyline silhouetted in the distance, Washington, D.C., 7:30PM June 21, 2015.


I also have some sort of bite on my cheek with a faint red circle around it. It feels like a mosquito bite that just won't go away. As a result, I am still trying to hide my face in public, and it's not just because "all is vanity." More to the point, God is "Well Pleased."

The corner of The Pavilion condominiums (7000 block of Haycock Road) near the West Falls Church Metro, Falls Church, Va., 4:19PM June 21, 2015.

Note 1: This is actually the same place that I noted in this entry, which I updated last night to note the name of the condominium complex. I noted it precisely because I find it so intriguing.

Note 2: I have this marked as "Falls Church" but it is not in the City of Falls Church proper but rather in Fairfax County.

Here is another picture of the same spot of The Pavilion taken on March 15, 2015.

Note 1: I had the picture marked as "apartments by West Falls Church Metro," which is technically true as far as that goes, except they are condos / townhouses.


My eye is also starting to water and there is really nothing I can do to ameliorate it except splash cold water and put cordizone on it while taking some Benadryl (which knocks me out).

I'm not going to post any pictures lest any subset of my readers (in particular, those who pretend not to read it) become all happy at my misfortune.

The house (unsure of number) in the 2300 block of Grove Avenue in Falls Church -- again, unincorporated Fairfax County -- Virginia, 4:20PM June 21, 2015.

The county-city line is a couple hundred feet from here and the housing numbers change abruptly -- from the 2300s to the 300s (2347 to 330, I think).


So whatever got me yesterday -- or, quite possibly, some combination of spider, ant, mosquito, and marshy plant(s) down at frickin' Jones Point (maybe the South Cornerstone (pictured below) is cursed) -- really has done a number of me. This is going to be with me all week.

I definitely need a shot of something -- powerful antihistamines and/or a steroid (no, not an "asteroid") -- to help.

The Weenie Beenie food stand, Arlington, Va., 4:58PM June 21, 2015.

This is actually right across the street from the very start ("mile marker 0") of the Washington & Old Dominion bike trail in the Shirlington section of Arlington. (To be clear, there is no actual mile marker 0, at least none that I've seen.)

As an aside, I believe this is where Mattie Wade has had some really terrific fine dining experiences, chili-dogs, a large French fries, and a Mr. Pibb.

As for me, I went to the nearby Capitol City Brewing Co. and had an early dinner at the bar.


As for tonight, I simply could not go to the gym tonight both because of the discomfort and my fear that I would be exacerbating it through a strenuous workout. Indeed, I'm not sure I'm going to be able to go at all this week.

This situation -- which sends GOD Demiurge into gleeful, nay, ecstatic orbit because His physical Universe is a sack of sh!t overloaded with suffering, pain, and bad things* -- is coming at a bad time because I am quite busy at work with multiple assignments including a big one due by the 30th that is probably beyond my knowledge expertise capacity.

The tremendous pedestrian overpass that flies over about 14 lanes and shoulders of I-395 on the Arlington - Alexandria boundary, Va., 5:49PM June 21, 2015.

This was after my stop at Capitol City Brewing Co.


*Speaking of which, here's what happens when bug-eyed crazed GOP Teabaggers totally control a state and get there laundry list of all manner of crazy. Hint: They're still foaming at the mouth enraged over, well, everything, probably because Jesus still hasn't come down from the clouds to Smite the Wicked.

The intersection of East Timber Branch Parkway and Quincy Street, Alexandria, Va., 5:59PM June 21, 2015.


Of course, The WaHoPo Editorial Board and the Professional Centrists of the Washington Consensus crowd clearly see the "bipartisan nuance" everywhere here and will urge everybody to "reach out across the aisle" to hold hands and sing neoliberal Kumbaya while neoconservative war drum-banging on its op-ed pages.

Thank you, Uncle Fred. How's L'il Benji? Still yapping away at a BROOKINGS panel at the great "exceptionalism" of Guantanamo, drones, and torture?

Under the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, Jones Point Park, Alexandria, Va., 6:28PM June 21, 2015.


Anyway, that's where things stand tonight, and I suspect it is going to get worse before it gets better. In lieu of the gym, I went to Larry's Lounge ("LL" and "LaLo") for about an hour, where I met Kristof and, briefly, Gary and had two drinks (a beer and a sparkly cheap wine) before coming home.

National Harbor, Prince George's County, Md., as seen from Jones Point, Alexandria, Va., across the Potomac River, 6:37PM June 21, 2015.

Of note, and unbeknownst to me, I was already bitten or whatever it was by the time I took this picture.

The Potomac River at Jones Point, Alexandria, Va., 6:33PM June 21, 2015.

All the heavy rain allowed the reed grass to grow like crazy, not to mention allow all the mosquitos, ants, spiders, and whatnot to multiple like crazy in the oozy mud.

About this Jones Point Park, what's probably confusing to the lay person is why there are so many new-looking concrete markers arrayed in two perpendicular lines and spaced every 50 feet or so part, the lines converging on Jones Point, one side across a field and the other size along a wooded path. These markers read "District of Columbia" on one side and "Maryland" (the NE-to-SW axis) and "Virginia" (the NW-to-SE axis). They also say "historic" as in "this is a marker denoting a historical boundary" because these boundaries follow the imaginary lines of the original Federal Territory for its last 1,000 feet or so as they converge on the South Cornerstone itself.

Here is a montage of these "historical" markers that I found online. There are at least a dozen of them.

To be clear, those jurisdictional lines have not existed perhaps since the 1847 retrocession of then-Alexandria County and a portion of the City of Alexandria back to Virginia.

I already posted the other picture taken at Jones Point, as well as a picture of the South Cornerstone itself about a month ago in this entry, but I'll repost it here and now ...

The South Cornerstone of the District of Columbia, Jones Point Park, Alexandria, Va., 6:27PM May 25, 2015.

Of note, the South Cornerstone itself is thought to be a replacement from 1794 rather than the original 1791 marker.


OK, that's all for now. I'm in a (very) grumpy mood because this eye issue actually hurts. I have an ice compact on it -- a wash cloth with a couple ice cubes wrapped in it. Thank God that Gary brought that ice over about a week ago for a few drinks. I also took a second Benadryl. Lastly, at this point I am planning on going to the urgent care facility tomorrow.

Marina, Old Town Alexandria, Va., 6:56PM June 21, 2015.

Oh, yes, as soon as I passed here and remounted the bicycle, some frickin' dog when ape-shit crazy -- howling and barking as I rode my bike past it, the animal nearly leaping onto me but for the yanking of its master.


Please don't ask me when I'm going to update this pain-in-my-ass Royal Signals blog again. I'll update it when I update it.

Good night.


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