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Overview of Yesterday's Deluge: Rainfall Totals and Pictures -OR- The June 2015 Monsoon Chronicles (An Ongoing Series)

The view driving along Military Road, Washington, D.C., in yesterday's monsoon, 4:03PM June 27, 2015.


I know I said I wasn't going to post any entries today, but I just wanted to note the tremendous rainfall totals for yesterday and also post some pictures that I took.

The Baltimore/Washington I-95 corridor had the most rain with widespread 2 to 4 inches, increasing the large monthly totals. BWI Airport was already at a record 9.98" for the month of June before yesterday's totals.

Radar estimated rainfall totals across the Baltimore / Washington region for June 27, 2015.


So here are the four climate station totals, departures, and averages (in parentheses) for precipitation through yesterday, June 27th, 2015 at National Airport (KDCA), BWI Airport (KBWI), Dulles Airport (KIAD), and the Maryland Science Center (KDMH):


Day: 2.75" (daily record); old record: 2.59" (1881)

Month: 11.93" +8.53" (3.40")

Year: 26.71" +7.35" (19.36")


Day: 3.11" (daily record); old record: 2.04" (1883)
Month: 13.09" +9.97" (3.95")
Year: 30.29" +10.14" (20.15"

Day: 1.47" (tied daily record set in 2006)
Month: 6.95" +3.35" (3.60")
Year: 20.81" +0.39" (20.42")

Day: 2.83"
Month: 7.60" +4.66" (2.94")
Year: 23.94" +4.91" (19.03")

Note: Averages are for the 1981 - 2010 base period, except at KDMH, which does not yet have a full 30-year climate record.

The White House rain gauge recorded 2.32" of rainfall yesterday.

Oh, and conveniently for statistically purposes, all the rain fell during the calendar day of June 25th with no additional measurable rainfall after midnight.

The KDCA total is now the 2nd wettest June on record only behind 2006. The top 5 wettest Junes officially in Washington, D.C., through yesterday, June 27th, 2015 are:

2006: 14.02"
2015: 11.93"
1972: 11.53"
1900: 10.94" (Pre-KDCA D.C. record)
2013: 9.97"

The heaviest of the monsoon-like tropical downpours occurred between 3 and 5PM -- right as Gary and I were driving up to Ijamsville for the work-related event at Holly Hills Country Club, although by the time we got there, the rain had stopped.

The Sligo Creek just about out of its banks in yesterday's deluge, Silver Spring, Md. Picture taken by Carol Blymire and posted in the CWG entry linked below.


There was widespread short-lived street flooding and various streams and creeks briefly came out of their banks. The Capital Weather Gang overview entry with pictures is here (link embedded): Saturday soaker sets daily record in D.C.; second wettest June.

Street flooding along Roberts Road near Braddock Road in Fairfax County, Va., in yesterday's deluge, June 27, 2015. Picture by "Kudzu81" and posted in the above-linked CWG entry.


Archived real-time info on yesterday's deluge with lots of pictures and images is available in this entry (link embedded): Worst of storms exit D.C. area, but lingering downpours, flooding (Updates).

View from my Hampton Courts apartment here in Washington, D.C., 11:51AM June 28, 2015.

It's actually not quite as gloomy as it looks in that photo, and in fact, much brighter when the Sun emerges. The cloud deck, though, is a bit unusual for summertime.


Today is a very different kind of day, and a most unusual (and wonderful) June / summer one: Cool, breezy, and variably cloudy with temps. only around 74F at the noon hour with a dew point of 57F. There is a gusty westerly breeze with gusts to 25MPH forecasted for later today. Flattened stratocumulus clouds are filling the rain-washed blue sky with peeks of sunshine (see picture above and below).

View from my Hampton Courts apartment here in Washington, D.C., 12:21PM June 28, 2015.

Note how much brighter it is with the Sun shining.


Obviously, a cold front must have swept through and, indeed, looking at this morning's high-resolution surface weather map for our region, that is in fact what happened:

NWS high-resolution surface weather map centered on the mid-Atlantic region,  0Z (8AM EDT) June 28, 2015.


As a brief update, it took Gary and I an hour to get to the place in Ijamsville. Attendance was weak due to the far away removed location and monsoons. However, it was pleasant enough in a place I would never have otherwise seen.

Another seen of the deluge along Military Road, Washington, D.C., 4:06PM June 27, 2015.


We returned at dusk and actually stopped in Rockville at Bar Louie, where we met DD for some drinks and food. We then went to American Tap Room, which I like (although I didn't like the young Asian bartender).

Gary and I headed back into D.C., stopping at his place where -- as he feared -- there was some flooding. I helped him with the wet-vac vacuum up the water and dry off the floor. Thereafter, he drove me home by about 2AM.

The rolling, semi-wooded glen, Ijamsville, Md., 5:06PM June 27, 2015.


For today, I just don't know what to do. I should go to the gym and then work on that report this afternoon. However, I am deeply reluctant to give up my Sunday in that fashion -- a day on which I typically take a bike ride -- and given the weather today, I don't see myself doing what I should do.

I'll have to figure something out. That's my new phrase.

Saturday night in the country: A family eating dinner at the downstairs grill restaurant at Holly Hills Country Club, Ijamsville, Md., 8:26PM June 27, 2015.

Oh, yes, it apparently is pronounced with a silent "j" though I'm still not entirely sure how to say "Ijamsville": "EYE-yams-ville"? "Ee-yams-ville"? Or maybe it really is "Eye-JAMS-ville"??)


Of course, after what happened on my bike ride last week with whatever insect or spider I unknowingly encountered -- and I'm still not 100 percent "recovered" in terms of the slightest bit of residual swelling below my right eye -- I'm a tad reluctant to spend hours in the great out-of-doors.

OK, that's all for now. My next update might not be until late Tuesday.


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