Thursday, June 4, 2015

More on the Cool, Damp June Weather; Links to and Commentary on Two Jonathan Chait Pieces

**This entry was posted June 4th, 2015.**

The rainy night view looking north "up" 16th Street from U Street NW, Washington, D.C., 1:01AM June 3, 2015.

This is a few hundred feet from my apartment. I was coming back from a short visit to Local 16 with Dave (see previous entry). Yes, it's a blurry, crummy picture, but it's the only really relevant one I have. I might replace it if I can find a better one.


I was going to post a full entry tonight but it's late (12:30AM as I start this), I'm tired, and I need to be in the office at least a little bit before a 10AM meeting. As such, I'm only posting a (genuinely) quick update. OK, clearly that didn't happen. 

I'm home after a busy day at work on three different tasks (one of which is client-related work, the rest internal and external corporate communication(s) stuff) and a full three-part gym workout. (I'm never sure about that "s" on "communication," but let's not worry about that now.)

Foggy morning as seen from the Reflecting Pool looking toward the Washington Monument, June 3, 2015.

The picture was taken by Jarrett Hendrix and posted in the CWG entry linked below via his Flickr account.


Weather Update ...

High resolution NWS surface weather map focused on a portion of the U.S. East Coast and adjacent Atlantic waters, 03Z June 4, 2015 (11PM EDT June 3, 2015).


The weather continues to be delightful with cool, overcast gray, and drizzly conditions and temperatures only reaching the low-to-mid 60s Fahrenheit area-wide (KDCA hit 64F; KBWI reached 62F; and KIAD topped out at 60F). Normal highs are around 80F.


Sterling (NWS) radar in enhanced composite mode at 12:58AM EDT June 4, 2015.


Tonight is overcast with temps around 62F and rain showers approaching (somewhat unusually) from the south-southeast in response to an upper level low pressure with weak surface reflection drifting east over North Carolina with a weak surface reflection. At the surface, there is a northeasterly flow but the mid-level flow is from the south-southeast. A cold air damming wedge is firmly in place along the mid-Atlantic coastal region with well below normal temperatures.


Naturally, the Capital Weather Gang crew -- with their weird weather values -- are moaning and bellyaching over this weather because Jason Samenow and the others apparently can't get enough heat and humidity. Never mind that May was the warmest May on record in D.C.

To that end (and as I posted in that entry as Arcturus24), I have this to say:

Why are the Weather Gods so displeased with us? How can we get back that other "trifecta" -- the triple H -- that apparently the Washington Weather Consensus prefers?

Maybe we need meteorological entitlement reform?

Let us pray the following: "Dear Weather Jesus, we beseech Thee in the Name of Sue Palka, Topper Shutt, and Doug Hill, give us back our hot, humid, and horrible conditions without which we can't be drippy sweaty and in a miserable torpor. Yea, verily. Amen."

It's gotten a couple of thumbs up "likes" as of the posting of this entry.

That's not why I post those comments, though.

As for the Palka-Cabra She-Dragon Creature, she must be beside herself with this not-God-awful hot and drought-dry weather.

There she is ...



At this point, I would like to post links to two Jonathan Chait pieces -- one that I found useful and another that I quite liked. Their headlines (or titles) are given directly below with links embedded.

The first piece one builds on a topic that Chait has been talking about this year, most spectacularly, back in January in this piece "Not a Very P.C. Thing to Say" that so infuriated so many of his "fellow liberals" but that needed to be said.

The new piece centers on the (as he correctly terms it) truly bizarre case at Northwestern University of a "Title XI" investigation of a female professor -- Laura Kipnis (pictured left) -- for an op-ed (an op-ed!) she wrote in the Chronicle of Higher Education (it's password-protected, so no link) on the suffocating and toxic atmosphere of political correctness on college campuses these days.

This wildly illiberal attitude is the intriguing political and cultural Yin and Yang counterpoint to a national climate dominated by Fox News-and-talk radio-fanned carnival sideshow craziness.

The good news is that the Kipnis "investigation" appears to have collapsed under its own Stalinist show trial absurdity.

Chait is just spot on here about this PC reign of terror. And if I might add a slightly different twist to it, universities and "Big Academia" should just stick to what it does best: Collecting "rent" by jacking up tuition through the sky-trillion dollar student loan racket and dial back the PC thought-police antics. Idiots.

As for the Hillary Clinton piece, I should note that the media scandal machine around Bill and Hillary continues to frenetically plumb new depths of absurdity such as with this piece in the WaHoPo. In it, she's (apparently) guilty of murder (again) because of how Qatar treats its foreign laborers. Or at the very least, she is DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE for the long-running FIFA culture of bribes and corruption. Stupid.

Hillary Clinton, who will hopefully be our next President.


Fortunately, most people aren't listening -- either because they hate her or they like her and all people uniformly hate the media including the "narcissism"-fueled American political press corps.

OK, that's all for now. I might update the blog tomorrow night, or alternatively, on Friday evening.


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