Monday, June 22, 2015

Monday Morning Allergin: Right Eye Red Welt -OR- Probably Not a Case for Dr. T.J. Eckleburg

Somehow yesterday I must have encountered an unfriendly insect or something that has caused an allergic reaction with a resulting intermittently painful (not to mention ugly) red welt under my right eye in what I think is angioedema. There is also some minor swelling, although not so much as to affect my vision. (That eye has a large, translucent, permanent floater in it so the vision in it is intermittently blurry.)

My only worry is that it is going to get worse before any improvement.

I called MedStar a short while ago but the only options were either an urgent care visit it the Adams Morgan facility or a Thursday late morning appointment at the Chevy Chase facility. I opted for the latter but will change as needed.

The welt started last night and swelled up overnight (as I suspected it would).

The Potomac River at Jones Point, Alexandria, Va., 6:33PM June 21, 2015.


I took about a 20 mile bike ride yesterday from West Falls Church Metro all the way to Jones Point via the W&OD Trail and through the west side of Alexandria into Old Town and then up the Mt. Vernon Bike Trail. It wasn't the best bike ride for a variety of reasons.

I think whatever happened to cause this happened at Jones Point Park.

Whatever the case, I intend to post an entry tonight (after work and a planned gym visit) that includes some pictures of that bike ride, although I'm actually behind in pictures I want to post from a few I think last week.

I'll figure it out later with everything subject to the condition of my health -- as in, if this reaction were to get worse and I die or something like that. In that case, this would be the final update to the blog.


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