Saturday, June 6, 2015

Jukebox Saturday Night for June 6th, 2015: The Hardcastle, Applause, and Frog Hollow Edition

Let's start out this week's jukebox Saturday night edition with something smooth and pleasant ...

"Slomotion" by Paul Hardcastle on his The Jazzmasters II release (1995)

(Yes, it's spelled "Slomotion" in the song. The YouTube video title is incorrect.)

The Jazzmasters series has spanned 20 years from The Jazzmasters I in 1994 through the most recent The Jazzmasters VII released in 2014. The YouTube video still above is not from the original album cover but a different one that (according to the information on the actual YouTube page) was released in Japan on the Victor label.


Continuing with an honest-to-goodness love ballad song ...

"On the Wings of Love" by Jeffrey Osborne from his self-titled album (1982)

Jeffrey Osborne is still going strong. Here is his website.


And, once again, let's end with something really Saturday night upbeat ...

"Applause" by Lady Gaga from her Artpop release (2013)

As a general comment, Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta -- that's Lady Gaga to you -- is really a remarkably talented person.

More specifically, the "subject" of this song -- Lady Gaga openly admitting to needing the adulation of her fans -- is refreshing in its way. The hyperkinetic Europop / synthpop beat and frenetic video are guaranteed to wake you up from any doldrums or torpor.


OK, that's all for now. I would post a "Saturday evening post" update entry as well, but for the umpteenth Saturday night in a row, my evening time table is being dictated by plans that were sort of imposed upon me, although in this case, it is dinner with my friend Mike G. that I met in meteorology grad school a few centuries ago. He is in D.C. tonight from his suburban Maryland abode.

Often when my suburban-dwelling married-with-children male friends are in the city, they like to meet up with me and assume I'm totally available (which, typically, I am).

In the case of certain other ones with young children, we're still about 5 years away from that -- unless the wives turn them entirely into shell-shocked buccal-pumping frogs serving a life sentence.

That aside, Mike and I are going to Dupont Italian Kitchen and then maybe I'll go to No. 9 or Nellies.

Before ending, let me just say that I had one of my best three-part extended gym workouts this afternoon, which I want to discuss a bit (yes, this is very narcissistic but I feel quite good about it). I intend to post that tomorrow early afternoon update before taking a bike ride.


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