Tuesday, June 30, 2015

In Lieu of a Blog Entry Update, Some Late Night Light Reading Links: A Needless Greek Tragedy Courtesy German Banksters and Alaska Burning

View of the Rock Creek nearly in flood stage as seen from the Georgetown Branch Trail bridge, Silver Spring, Md., 4:57PM June 29, 2015.

Note the tree that had fallen into the stream.


OK, I really cannot post a blog entry tonight.

I have to spend at least 4 hours -- maybe more -- tonight completing a report that is due tomorrow morning. Actually, I'm so tired that I might just go to sleep for a few hours and start on it around 5AM to have something by 9AM.

The other problem is that I'm supposed to go to the Landover office tomorrow (walkably close to the New Carrollton Metro) by 11AM but at this point, that seems unlikely. I'll just have to "Skype" (well, actually, call in) to that meeting.

I made it to the gym tonight for more or less a regular three-part workout although the swim part was quite shortened.


Pondering the Grexit ...

In lieu of an entry, here are links to a few Paul Krugman pieces on what is happening in Greece ...

Monday op-ed column in the regular New York Times (link embedded): Greece Over the Brink.

NYT-hosted blog entries (links embedded): Grisis and The Awesome Gratuitousness of the Greek Crisis.

Screenshot of Huffington Post headlines to aggregated stories on the Greek crisis, 12:20AM June 29, 2015.


I think Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is doing exactly the right thing in calling this referendum. Now it's up to the Greeks themselves how to proceed -- endless austerity-induced depression and self-defeating mass suffering for the sake of frickin' German banksters and their oligarchs who want nothing less than the destruction of people, or exiting the euro and, quite possibly, the EU and into uncharted territory.

Peaceful protestors in Athens, June 29, 2015. The Tsipras government has necessarily closed banks and imposed capital controls.


I wonder what Uncle Fred Hiatt (R - Third Way) and his Washington Consensus crowd think. On second thought, never mind. We know what they think. And don't care.

Oh, and Alaska is burning as sub-Arctic and Arctic climate change run amok.

A wildfire rages near Willow, Alaska on June 14, 2015. Photo: Reuters /Mat-Su Borough/Stefan Hinman.

According to the National Interagency Fire Center, 76 major fires are burning in Alaska at the present time (see map above).

James MOUNTAIN Inhofe's snowball is still missing.


OK, that's all for now. I'll try to update the blog tomorrow night with a few pictures from my approx. 21 mile Sunday bike ride -- from my apt. up to Silver Spring, over to Bethesda, down to Georgetown, around to the Mall, and back home via No. 9 and Larry's Lounge.



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