Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Morning Update Ahead of Busy Weekend and This June's Monsoon Chronicles (Cont'd)

**This entry was posted June 26, 2015.**

Birdbath on a sunlit summer afternoon in the mini yard of 1737 New Hampshire Ave NW, Washington, D.C., 12:49PM June 25, 2015.


Just a quick morning entry, if only to replace my previous one, although what I wrote there about the difficulty of posting entries still stands.

I'm groggy despite having stayed in last night and gotten 8 hours of more or less sleep (filled with odd dreams of strange places, arguing with Chris H., Spiderman, and a black out in Ohio).

I have to finish up a report at work that is probably going to require me to work a bit over the weekend. The good news is the report only needs to be 12 to 14 pages (on electricity market and smart grid-related matters in five states), not the original 50+ pages I feared. I also need to make up some lost time from yesterday since I didn't get in any work time.

Row houses in the 1800 block of 16th Street NW, Washington, D.C., 8:10PM June 24, 2015.


I still have a bit of swelling under my right eye from my malady earlier this week but it is mostly gone -- or rather, it's not enough for me to take the prednisone that the doctor prescribed for me and that I purchased at the Dupont CVS. It was a five day dosage (of steroids!). She said to take it if I thought I needed to based upon my condition today. It doesn't hurt and it is almost not noticeable.

Deluge as seen from 12th St and Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, D.C., 7:15PM June 23, 2015.


For tonight, I am taking Wendy on a very belated birthday dinner to Paper Moon in Georgetown. Thereafter, I might go back to Dave's place to watch the rest of Close Encounters of the Third Kind (still one of my favorite movies). His wife and young son are away until tomorrow.

Stormy evening at Freedom Plaza, Washington, D.C., 7:37PM June 23, 2015.

I'm not actually sure what is the large building with the D.C. flag in front of it. A group of tourists walked by me and one declared it was "City Hall Building," which it is not. I was walking to Old Ebbitt Grill at this point.


For me for tomorrow, I have a work-related banquet at a country club way up in Ijamsville to attend. I am going with Gary (he's my date and ride.) (I don't even quite know how to pronounce "Ijamsville": Is the "j" silent??) I'm going to try to get in a gym visit between noon and 3PM. I might not have time to post a jukebox Saturday night entry.

Lastly, there was another deluge last night -- albeit a relatively brief one -- that increased the hefty monthly surpluses, in particular at two of the four main civilian climate stations.

Another 0.48" of rain fell at KDCA, pushing the monthly total up to 9.18" (still not enough to reach 4th wettest June). KBWI had 0.41" of rain, increasing its monthly total to 9.98", which is also a new all-time record, having surpassed the 9.95" set in 1972. KIAD received 0.40" to reach 5.48" for the month while KDMH (Maryland Science Center) recorded 0.43", pushing its monthly total to 4.77".

These are the numbers through the end of June 25th.

Of note, the KBWI June all-time total was lower than I would have expected; for instance, KDCA's is 14.02" recorded in 2006, and its second highest is 11.53" set in 1972. Of note, 1972 was the month of Tropical Storm Agnes.)

Of note, another bout of heavy rainfall is expected over the weekend.

Sterling (LWX) NWS weather advisories as of 8:51AM EDT June 26, 2015


NWS weather advisories for the eastern half of the lower 48 as of 8:49AM EDT June 26, 2015.


Much of the Baltimore/Washington region is under a flood watch as are points westward back into the Ohio River Valley. Actually, the NWS has various flood and flash flood watches and warnings in effect this morning west to Missouri and far eastern Kansas. The above two NWS advisories maps show this.

OK, that's all for now.  I'm not sure when my next update will be over the weekend, although I will try to post my usual jukebox Saturday night entry.


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