Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Coo Coo Ca-Choo -OR- The Palka-Cabra, Uncle Fred, and the GOP Crazies Sing Their June Tune

Somewhere along Grandin Avenue, Rockville, Md., 4:05PM June 7, 2015.


I had intended to post the core of my Sunday entry tonight except I had to do some late night press release editing after I got home from the gym, and so that is nixed for now. I have some topically unrelated pictures from my Sunday afternoon bike ride from the Rockville Metro back to D.C. via Bethesda and Georgetown to include with it, though. (The above picture to this entry was taken at the start of the bike ride.)

It's not like anyone will notice if I do not update -- well, except maybe Miss Dearly Beloved, a.k.a., the Cooing One will.

With her I could EITHER say, "I just cured cancer, ended malnutrition, and halted human-induced global warming," OR, alternatively, "I just annihilated the entire [FILL IN THE BLANK] people," and I would get the same doe-eyed yet weirdly blank stare and "Coo ... Coo ... Coo" reply.

I know, I should be filled with deep love rather than petty pool of annoyance since that "unconditional love" is not likely to come 'round my way again in this life. But that's not how I feel and for reasons I refrain from delving into here and now.

Turning to the weather ...

We had TWO drenching thunderstorms on Monday in the D.C. area, except the shitty rain gauge at shitty KDCA missed the first one and didn't get that much of the second so the daily rainfall total was "just" 0.65 inches.

KBWI had 1.30 inches and KIAD received 1.05 inches, while KDMH recorded just 0.31 inches.

The weather is about to turn hot and shitty for the end of the week and the Palka-cabra Creature and the horses in Fred Hiatt's Washington Consensus op-ed and editorial "stable" will be very pleased.

There she is ...


Now here she is with her mascara properly applied ...

"And you know what, Morris? I think it's going to be perfectly sunny for all my upper middleclass viewers. Quick! Somebody bring me my strawberry lip gloss."


Tonight, I had a meh gym workout. I got in the "requisite" 1-hour jog plus 5-minute cool down (6.67 miles) and some weightlifting and a brief swim in the pool, but it was nothing like Saturday. Oh, well. I think my fascist planter, I mean plantar fasciitis has returned. I may also need to get checked out for elevated blood pressure. (Uh, oh, I hear cooing.)

Fred Hiatt meets the GOP Crazies.

Will he and this "Gang of 500" find the "bipartisan nuance" they need for their oligarchical paymasters? Or will GOP crazy-town take them down??


Speaking of health insurance, read this Jonathan Chait piece on the options before the crazy GOP if the current configuration of the Scalia 5 decide as a whole to side with the "plaintiffs" in the King v. Burwell case that functions (as Chait previously described it) "more on the level of an elaborate prank than as a serious reading of the law": (link embedded): The Obamacare Lawsuit Is a Government Shutdown, But for Health Care.

OK, that's all for now.


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