Friday, May 1, 2015

Proposed Episode Guide for "The Wall-P & Me (and Hysterical Gee Makes Three) Chronicles"

I'm not happy having my previous posting as the lead entry, so I am posting this new one to replace it in the current top position.

That is all.

Except for this: I really need to start the "Wall-P & Me (and Hysterical Gee Makes Three) Chronicles" that I've promised.

Proposed episodes:

Note: These are subject to change, esp. if I can get more failure and/or cataclysm into another story line. I'm thinking, I thinking.

#1 (Pilot): Big Y'eyemah Gets Nourished
#2: Wall-P's Money, Bit-Coins and All
#3: "Eh. Eh. Eheheh" - Wall-P Speaks!
#4: Did You Remember to Put the Shift In? (Hint: What is "The Shift??")
#5: Wall-P and the Fresh Pair -OR- Staff Freaks Out
#6: Shriek-a-oke: The Hysterical One Sings
#7: Big Y'eyemah and Me: A Night on the Town (Part 1)
#8: Little Annabelle Mae: Wild Child Gets Caged (Part 2)
#9: Things Fall Apart and a New Trailer Park Start (Part 3)
#10: Wall-P and Me Go Into Business -OR- A Shitty Bistro (Part 1)
#11: Libertarian Fail-Safe: The Shitty Bistro Chronicles (Part 2)
#12: The Special Secret Sauce -OR- "Honey, That Don't Go on No BBQ!" (Part 3) NOTE: This ends the season (and, quite possibly, the series).

They will be featured, if I ever get around to posting them, here. That would be my old M-WADE Tipamillyun blog. Thoroughly scrubbed of all the content once dedicated to that topic, it is now ready to receive and host a new type of crazy and nuttiness.


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