Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Overview of May Extreme Weather Events -OR- GOP Global Cooling: The Ongoing Comedy Series

Cooling off ... India-style.

Alternatively, Rush Limbaugh's house boy after giving him "El Rushbo" a bath.


I didn't get a chance to post an entry last night after work and the gym, and I don't have time this morning to post my Monday Memorial Day bike ride pictures or really anything else this morning.

In lieu of that, here is a quick synopsis of some climate change-fueled extreme weather ongoing on our fair Planet Earth the past week ...

(Note: Anything underlined includes an embedded link.)

Everybody In!

Not sure where this was photographed but it is in India in the past few days.


Flooding in Houston, May 26, 2015 following 11+ inches of rain.



Flood sites across the Southern Great Plains through Tuesday morning, May 27, 2015


These were the NWS weather advisories in place as of 0621UTC on May 24, 2015 across the South Central United States, most notably, Texas and Oklahoma.

Those are flash flood watches and warnings and tornado watches.


NWS Southern Mississippi River Valley composite radar, 0558UTC May 24, 2015.


NWS Southern Mississippi River Valley composite radar, 0308UTC May 26, 2015.


Nearly unprecedented southerly location for such violent tornado

Residents survey destruction in Cuidad Acuña on Monday, May 25th after unprecedented EF-3 tornado struck.


*Sorry for that; couldn't resist

Town of Eagle hit 91F on Saturday (May 23rd), first-ever 90F+ reading in May in Alaska

Surface temperature anomalies for the western half of the Northern Hemisphere, May 22, 2015, Climate Re-analyzer, University of Maine.


Pay no attention to all this extreme weather. The American Conservative Entertainment Complex and its GOP political party appendage tells me either everything is fine or its "global cooling" -- and that "global warming" ("anthropogenic climate change" is too complex a term to use) is merely a "scientific hoax" to take away my freedom, my guns, and my corporate oligarchy.

Say, where's Ann Coulter and her rightwing performance art when you need her?

I have an idea: Let's all go shop at Walmart and have a triple cheeseburger!


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