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My Planned Saturday Evening Post Delayed to Sunday Afternoon with Additional Update (including to note a blast from my long ago past)

The South Cornerstone of the District of Columbia in the bulkhead at Jones Point, Potomac River, Alexandria, Va., 6:27PM May 25, 2015.

This is not the first of the South Cornerstones -- it was apparently a replacement at some point early on in the history of D.C. You can compare it to the North Cornerstone of the District of Columbia in this entry. Alternatively, I can just repost that picture here ...

North Cornerstone of the District of Columbia, located off East-West Hwy, Silver Spring, Md., 4:34PM May 25, 2015.


This entry was supposed to be posted last night but I ran out of time. I am posting it as is except for an update at the end that includes an unexpected note from a long ago junior high and high school friend who found me and posted a comment in a recent entry.


From last night ...

This entry features -- for lack of any other pictures -- just a handful of the images I took last Monday (Memorial Day) on my 30-mile bike ride but have not yet posted.

This Saturday has been somewhat upended from my usual routine because I'm going to the 6PM showing of Medieval Madness in Old Town Alexandria with Andrea, Nick, Jake, and Luana (Imara is away).

The Washington & Old Dominion (W&OD) trail near mile marker 16 in Reston, Va., 2:19PM May 25, 2015.


As a result -- and because I got up at noon -- there really was no way I could have my usual Saturday late afternoon 3-1/2 hour gym visit. I also had a request from work to do a copyedit of a six page article, which actually worked out in terms of time availability this afternoon. I also am supposed to copyedit another 23-pages worth of a larger proposal tomorrow. Between these two assignments, I should make up about half of my lost Thursday.

The W&OD Trail somewhere near mile marker 15 in unincorporated Fairfax County, Va., 2:27PM May 25, 2015.


For tomorrow, I'm also planning on taking my usual Sunday afternoon bike ride and I'm meeting Amy for lunch in Bethesda. Thus, I will have just outright skipped a gym visit this week -- my standard Saturday one -- and I'm not pleased about that.

The Town of Vienna, Virginia's Memorial Day barbeque held right along the W&OD trail, 2:51PM May 25, 2015.

I had to dismount from the bike because it was simply too crowded (not to mention there were signs telling bikers to dismount and police cruiser about).

The "BBQ" was vintage Americana: obese women pushing strollers with little nearly naked, dough-babies; half-naked little kids covered in body paint; husbands long since turned into buccal-pumping suburban frogs in shorts and sandals; smoke thick from pulled pork and hotdog stands; country western music twanging in the air; corporate sponsorships and everything for sale.

Time, once again, to cue Lee Greenwood: "And I'm proud to be an American -- !"

The Town of Vienna, Virginia's Memorial Day barbeque held right along the W&OD trail, 2:52PM May 25, 2015.

I stopped in the nearby mobbed Whole Foods and had a piece of pizza and a beer (at the little beer counter) before continuing on my lengthy bike ride.


As for last (Friday) night, I actually had a really nice time although I spent too much money (and this is a low funds pay period since rent is due and I have no "reserve" amount left and won't until the "extra" check comes in July). Anyway, I walked to a mobbed, nearly all-gay Larry's Lounge and met Gary around 9PM.

It was a tropical warm, humid night with puffy cumulus clouds in the night sky but (again) only scattered thunderstorm activity that missed D.C. and quickly dissipated.

Ivy Hill Cemetery, Alexandria, Va., 5:59PM May 25, 2015.

The cemetery is a shortcut from Timber Branch Parkway (itself a lovely suburban side street) to King Street.


We went over to Dupont Italian Kitchen for dinner where we met, as planned, Dave J. and Fred for dinner. (They had not met before.) After dinner, Dave and I walked over to No. 9 and then -- in a seemingly hopeless search for a quieter place -- to 14th Street. The avenue was mobbed with literally thousands of D.C. millennials, bars and restaurants galore, but no quiet place to go.

We tried the upstairs Tsunami lounge, but it was already closed. We went the other way and stopped at Ghibellina, which was fine as it went, although too expensive for two drinks. The tipping also gets exhausting, esp. when the sales tax is not included in the drink price, as is the case in restaurants.

Upstairs at Lupo Verde restaurant (image taken from restaurant website).


Finally, we went to a place I had wanted to try since Wendy and I had brunch at Bar Pillar: Lupo Verde at T and 14th Street. We went to the upstairs dining area with its small bar and then subsequently to the downstairs bar. While the place was filled with drunken young, straight young people, it was actually kind of nice even at that chaotic hour. I'd like to try dinner at that place.

Downstairs bar at Lupo Verde restaurant (image taken from restaurant website).


Dave (who is, by the way, straight and married with a 7-year old son) and I had a wonderful conversation. I liked hearing about his life history and family and seeing all the old photos he had scanned or otherwise "photographed" and put on his phone.

Another view of Ivy Hill Cemetery, Alexandria, Va., 6:01PM May 25, 2015.


I got home around 230AM and talked for a bit outside to my neighbor Joe, who is a bartender at Nellie's. He is my "neighbor" as in we are in adjoining apartments. There was a waxing gibbous Moon setting in the southwest and even from the clutter of his part of D.C., you could see it through the buildings and trees.

As for today, I've yet to leave the apartment but will do so shortly.

Underneath the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, Jones Point Park, Alexandria, Va., 6:22PM May 25, 2015.


OK, that's all for now. My next update might not be until late Monday / early Tuesday.


A residential alley off King Street near the Geo. Washington Masonic National Memorial, Alexandria, Va., 6:05PM May 25, 2015.


UPDATED (before posting the entry):

I did not have time to complete this entry yesterday. I have finished it and I'm posting it now.

So last night's Medieval Madness event with Andrea, Nick, Luana, and Jake was quite enjoyable, although I'm not sure I like the direction "MM" is trying to go into with the overt presidential political jokes and yelling about stifling political correctess culminating in an attempted Kumbaya-moment (as in, once we can make nasty jokes about everybody, that proves we're One People; not quite sure it works that way).

Also, the $40 for the bottles of Carroll's Mead is a bit steep.

The new show, though, was quite fun. And the knights' sword battle between the giant Army guy (Jon) an the Marine guy (James) was startlingly intense.

A man fishing in the Potomac River at Jones Point, Alexandria, Va., 6:28PM May 25, 2015.

The river is quite filthy with phosphorous and nitrogen compounds galore, not to mention litter.


Andrea left a bit before the rest of us. Luana and Nick (now engage) drove me and Jake to Rosslyn, where we were going to go our respective ways on the Orange Line -- Jake back to Ballston and me to D.C. However, Jake and I decided to go out for a bit longer and went to the sprawling Continental Pool Lounge near the Key Bridge. (Rosslyn really shows its urban skyscraper-filled yet oddly deserted Potemkin village quality at night. The stunning 1812 N. Moore building is the apotheosis of this.)

Anyway, Jake and I had a really fun time. He works at the White House and he showed me some photos taken at different events and times that were quite amazing when you think about it.

The ending minute (literally) of the 38th annual Jazz Festival in Alexandria, Va., 6:39PM May 25, 2015.

I happened to randomly pass this on my bike. Of note, I was last at this festival with Amy (Quill) and her parents back on a chilly, drizzly, gloomy Memorial Day in May 1992 (when it was held at a nearby larger field just above the main Old Town marina). That would have been the 15th annual Jazz Festival.


Thereafter, I walked via the Key Bridge and Georgetown back to Dupont Circle, eventually meeting up with LP by Dupont Circle, and we then went to No. 9 for a night cap.

As for today, I've finished the editing work I needed to do, and I'm supposed to meet Amy and LP for lunch at American Tap Room in Bethesda around 4PM. I am going to try to bike there from Silver Spring and then bike back on the Capital Crescent Trail.

The marina along the Potomac River, Old Town Alexandria, Va., 6:46PM May 25, 2015.


Finally, as a totally unexpected aside and a true "blast from the past," I had a comment -- in, of all entries, this one -- from a long ago (junior high and high school) friend named Tena. She and her sister Theda were a singing duo at the time (Christian rock). We were all in drama together. Tena married and moved to Costa Rica many years ago. All of a sudden, she found me via my blog and posted a comment.

OK, that's all for now. My next update probably won't be until late Monday / early Tuesday.


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