Monday, May 18, 2015

After the Weekend -OR- Just a Brief Monday May Morning Update

The Capital Crescent Trail right by the Dalecarlia Tunnel (behind me in this picture), Montgomery County, Md., 6:07PM May 17, 2015.

This is near Sibley Hospital and the D.C. line.


This is a genuinely quick morning entry just to replace the lead entry.

Yesterday, I took a bike ride on a route similar to the one last Sunday -- Silver Spring to Bethesda on the Georgetown Branch Trail -- and thence on the Capital Crescent Trail back into D.C. I also had a really nice lunch with Quill at American Tap Room. Once back in D.C., I did what I always do: Go to a bar. I went to No. 9, where I actually had a really enjoyable conversation with bartender Jose (who was not working) and his partner. Later, I went to Larry's Lounge, where it was the usual Sunday night show.

I'm trying to get my workweek started. I have a big editing assignment to do today (another chapter in a multi-part series).

This is a stretch of East-West Highway, Silver Spring, Md., 3:17PM May 17, 2015.

This is near the north cornerstone that I mentioned in a recent entry.


I'll try to update the blog tonight. I'm probably going to the gym tonight, though I might switch instead with tomorrow.

Lastly, I think I need a new box fan. My current one briefly went off this morning. I simply cannot sleep well without the white noise and moving air. My window air conditioner just doesn't do enough to make up the difference.


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