Monday, May 25, 2015

A Musical Tribute for a Memorial Day Happiest of Happy Birthdays! -OR- Let's All Take a Ride on Mattie Wade's and Frankie Laine's Mule Train

Bringin' up the mule train.


As a celebration of Mattie Wade's birthday, I offer this appropriate musical tribute ...

"Mule Train" by Frankie Laine

Ride 'em cowboy!

The Frankie Laine tribute is doubly appropriate given the shirt he is wearing in the picture below. Of course, the "Frankie" reference is to the 1980s British band Frankie Goes to Hollywood with their 1984 song "Relax" that was briefly banned by the BBC. "Frankie" himself probably refers (indirectly) to Frank Sinatra (whose 100th birthdate is approaching!).

Anyway, putting aside the familiar "period" cultural drag act, and stated here with the utmost of sincerity (or is it authenticity? I can never remember which is which), Happy Birthday!

Another year -- or three -- gone by.

"Oh my Gawd! Crazy is back! Like, whatevah! Would you just, like, go away already?!"

Nice tattoo, my Sweet Babboo.



Tena Jackson said...

I can't believe I found you after all these years! You look fantastic and are obviously doing very well. Your success was never in doubt. Drop me a line or two if you'd like.
Hugs! Tena Jackson-Quesada

Regulus said...

Tena! My God, I can't believe it's you and that you found me.

I'm quite stunned. How are you?

Thank you for finding me and reaching out to me. And thank you for the compliment. I'm doing OK. I live and work in Washington, D.C.

Are you still in Costa Rica? I was there in 1997 for about a week and was thinking of you at the time.

I will send you an email tomorrow.