Sunday, May 31, 2015

My Planned Saturday Evening Post Delayed to Sunday Afternoon with Additional Update (including to note a blast from my long ago past)

The South Cornerstone of the District of Columbia in the bulkhead at Jones Point, Potomac River, Alexandria, Va., 6:27PM May 25, 2015.

This is not the first of the South Cornerstones -- it was apparently a replacement at some point early on in the history of D.C. You can compare it to the North Cornerstone of the District of Columbia in this entry. Alternatively, I can just repost that picture here ...

North Cornerstone of the District of Columbia, located off East-West Hwy, Silver Spring, Md., 4:34PM May 25, 2015.


This entry was supposed to be posted last night but I ran out of time. I am posting it as is except for an update at the end that includes an unexpected note from a long ago junior high and high school friend who found me and posted a comment in a recent entry.


From last night ...

This entry features -- for lack of any other pictures -- just a handful of the images I took last Monday (Memorial Day) on my 30-mile bike ride but have not yet posted.

This Saturday has been somewhat upended from my usual routine because I'm going to the 6PM showing of Medieval Madness in Old Town Alexandria with Andrea, Nick, Jake, and Luana (Imara is away).

The Washington & Old Dominion (W&OD) trail near mile marker 16 in Reston, Va., 2:19PM May 25, 2015.


As a result -- and because I got up at noon -- there really was no way I could have my usual Saturday late afternoon 3-1/2 hour gym visit. I also had a request from work to do a copyedit of a six page article, which actually worked out in terms of time availability this afternoon. I also am supposed to copyedit another 23-pages worth of a larger proposal tomorrow. Between these two assignments, I should make up about half of my lost Thursday.

The W&OD Trail somewhere near mile marker 15 in unincorporated Fairfax County, Va., 2:27PM May 25, 2015.


For tomorrow, I'm also planning on taking my usual Sunday afternoon bike ride and I'm meeting Amy for lunch in Bethesda. Thus, I will have just outright skipped a gym visit this week -- my standard Saturday one -- and I'm not pleased about that.

The Town of Vienna, Virginia's Memorial Day barbeque held right along the W&OD trail, 2:51PM May 25, 2015.

I had to dismount from the bike because it was simply too crowded (not to mention there were signs telling bikers to dismount and police cruiser about).

The "BBQ" was vintage Americana: obese women pushing strollers with little nearly naked, dough-babies; half-naked little kids covered in body paint; husbands long since turned into buccal-pumping suburban frogs in shorts and sandals; smoke thick from pulled pork and hotdog stands; country western music twanging in the air; corporate sponsorships and everything for sale.

Time, once again, to cue Lee Greenwood: "And I'm proud to be an American -- !"

The Town of Vienna, Virginia's Memorial Day barbeque held right along the W&OD trail, 2:52PM May 25, 2015.

I stopped in the nearby mobbed Whole Foods and had a piece of pizza and a beer (at the little beer counter) before continuing on my lengthy bike ride.


As for last (Friday) night, I actually had a really nice time although I spent too much money (and this is a low funds pay period since rent is due and I have no "reserve" amount left and won't until the "extra" check comes in July). Anyway, I walked to a mobbed, nearly all-gay Larry's Lounge and met Gary around 9PM.

It was a tropical warm, humid night with puffy cumulus clouds in the night sky but (again) only scattered thunderstorm activity that missed D.C. and quickly dissipated.

Ivy Hill Cemetery, Alexandria, Va., 5:59PM May 25, 2015.

The cemetery is a shortcut from Timber Branch Parkway (itself a lovely suburban side street) to King Street.


We went over to Dupont Italian Kitchen for dinner where we met, as planned, Dave J. and Fred for dinner. (They had not met before.) After dinner, Dave and I walked over to No. 9 and then -- in a seemingly hopeless search for a quieter place -- to 14th Street. The avenue was mobbed with literally thousands of D.C. millennials, bars and restaurants galore, but no quiet place to go.

We tried the upstairs Tsunami lounge, but it was already closed. We went the other way and stopped at Ghibellina, which was fine as it went, although too expensive for two drinks. The tipping also gets exhausting, esp. when the sales tax is not included in the drink price, as is the case in restaurants.

Upstairs at Lupo Verde restaurant (image taken from restaurant website).


Finally, we went to a place I had wanted to try since Wendy and I had brunch at Bar Pillar: Lupo Verde at T and 14th Street. We went to the upstairs dining area with its small bar and then subsequently to the downstairs bar. While the place was filled with drunken young, straight young people, it was actually kind of nice even at that chaotic hour. I'd like to try dinner at that place.

Downstairs bar at Lupo Verde restaurant (image taken from restaurant website).


Dave (who is, by the way, straight and married with a 7-year old son) and I had a wonderful conversation. I liked hearing about his life history and family and seeing all the old photos he had scanned or otherwise "photographed" and put on his phone.

Another view of Ivy Hill Cemetery, Alexandria, Va., 6:01PM May 25, 2015.


I got home around 230AM and talked for a bit outside to my neighbor Joe, who is a bartender at Nellie's. He is my "neighbor" as in we are in adjoining apartments. There was a waxing gibbous Moon setting in the southwest and even from the clutter of his part of D.C., you could see it through the buildings and trees.

As for today, I've yet to leave the apartment but will do so shortly.

Underneath the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, Jones Point Park, Alexandria, Va., 6:22PM May 25, 2015.


OK, that's all for now. My next update might not be until late Monday / early Tuesday.


A residential alley off King Street near the Geo. Washington Masonic National Memorial, Alexandria, Va., 6:05PM May 25, 2015.


UPDATED (before posting the entry):

I did not have time to complete this entry yesterday. I have finished it and I'm posting it now.

So last night's Medieval Madness event with Andrea, Nick, Luana, and Jake was quite enjoyable, although I'm not sure I like the direction "MM" is trying to go into with the overt presidential political jokes and yelling about stifling political correctess culminating in an attempted Kumbaya-moment (as in, once we can make nasty jokes about everybody, that proves we're One People; not quite sure it works that way).

Also, the $40 for the bottles of Carroll's Mead is a bit steep.

The new show, though, was quite fun. And the knights' sword battle between the giant Army guy (Jon) an the Marine guy (James) was startlingly intense.

A man fishing in the Potomac River at Jones Point, Alexandria, Va., 6:28PM May 25, 2015.

The river is quite filthy with phosphorous and nitrogen compounds galore, not to mention litter.


Andrea left a bit before the rest of us. Luana and Nick (now engage) drove me and Jake to Rosslyn, where we were going to go our respective ways on the Orange Line -- Jake back to Ballston and me to D.C. However, Jake and I decided to go out for a bit longer and went to the sprawling Continental Pool Lounge near the Key Bridge. (Rosslyn really shows its urban skyscraper-filled yet oddly deserted Potemkin village quality at night. The stunning 1812 N. Moore building is the apotheosis of this.)

Anyway, Jake and I had a really fun time. He works at the White House and he showed me some photos taken at different events and times that were quite amazing when you think about it.

The ending minute (literally) of the 38th annual Jazz Festival in Alexandria, Va., 6:39PM May 25, 2015.

I happened to randomly pass this on my bike. Of note, I was last at this festival with Amy (Quill) and her parents back on a chilly, drizzly, gloomy Memorial Day in May 1992 (when it was held at a nearby larger field just above the main Old Town marina). That would have been the 15th annual Jazz Festival.


Thereafter, I walked via the Key Bridge and Georgetown back to Dupont Circle, eventually meeting up with LP by Dupont Circle, and we then went to No. 9 for a night cap.

As for today, I've finished the editing work I needed to do, and I'm supposed to meet Amy and LP for lunch at American Tap Room in Bethesda around 4PM. I am going to try to bike there from Silver Spring and then bike back on the Capital Crescent Trail.

The marina along the Potomac River, Old Town Alexandria, Va., 6:46PM May 25, 2015.


Finally, as a totally unexpected aside and a true "blast from the past," I had a comment -- in, of all entries, this one -- from a long ago (junior high and high school) friend named Tena. She and her sister Theda were a singing duo at the time (Christian rock). We were all in drama together. Tena married and moved to Costa Rica many years ago. All of a sudden, she found me via my blog and posted a comment.

OK, that's all for now. My next update probably won't be until late Monday / early Tuesday.


Saturday, May 30, 2015

Jukebox Saturday Night Entry for May 30th, 2015: The River of Dreams and Starships of Decadence Edition -OR- Take Me Home

"The River of Dreams" by Billy Joel from his album River of Dreams (1993)

This is a wonderful song and video with awesome lyrics.


I'm posting this jukebox Saturday night entry at mid-to-late afternoon on this too-sunny, too-warm day because of my nighttime plans I mentioned in the previous entry. (Update: I didn't get around to posting that entry for the reasons stated in the concluding paragraph of this entry.)

Anyway, changing gears entirely ...

"Starships" by Nicki Minaj from her release Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded (2012)

This is the "explicit" version in terms of lyrics. As for the video's content ("storyline"?), I'm basically speechless, but then again, Nicki Ninaj has that effect on me and, I dare say, many others. The video itself was apparently filmed on Oahu although the opening sequence is from the Nā Pali Coast on Kauaʻi.


I'd like to end with something that is also upbeat and energetic but not as wildly frenetic or explicit as Ms. Minaj's "Starships" song. In that spirit, I offer this ...

"Take Me Home" by Sophie Ellis-Bextor from her Read My Lips album (2001)

I like the video with its Parisian world of "haute-couture" and whatnot. The song sort of builds in its enjoyableness (yes, that's a word). I should point out that the song "Take Me Home" was actually written by Cher and appeared on her album of same name in 1979. You can see Cher's version here. And if you want to see Cher's perform it in "spectacular" fashion in Miami on her last Final Farewell Tour in 2002, see here.

OK, that's all for now. I had intended to post an update prior to this entry but, as usual, the entry spiraled out of frickin' control in terms of length and complexity, and so I'll try to post it tomorrow since it is already about two-thirds finished. I just ran out of time to do it now (as I do not want to be the usual 45 minutes late).  I am going to the 6PM Medieval Madness show with Andrea, Nick, Jake, and Luana (Imara is out of town) in Old Town Alexandria.


Friday, May 29, 2015

PRELUDE TO PLUTO-PALOOZA! Our Awesome, Intrepid New Horizons Probe Nears Pluto, Long-Range Imager Begins to Reveal Surface Features

New Horizons LORRI image comparison of Pluto April 12th (left) and May 8th, 2015 (right) at the stated distances.


As it draws closer to dwarf planet Pluto* and its retinue of five known moons (Charon, Hydra, Nix, Styx, and Kerberos), NASA's and humanity's awesome, intrepid, wonderful little space probe New Horizons already is doing us proud .

New Horizons is doing this by showing us at long-range the fact that Pluto has marked surface features of varying brightness including, quite possibly, a northern polar ice cap of whatever composition (as if anything as cold as Pluto needed an ice cap!).

New Horizons LORRI image comparison of Pluto April 15th (left) and May 10th, 2015 (right) at the stated distances.


*As an important aside, Pluto may now be a dwarf planet and "just" the closest, largest Kuiper Belt object and Trans-Neptunian Object, but forever in the hearts of those of us who came of age in the latter half of the 20th Century, Pluto forever will be part of the "Canonical 9" planetary bodies of our Solar System. The New Horizons fly-by exploration this summer marks the closing chapter of the first epoch of unmanned planetary probe exploration of our Solar System.

NASA has released a series of comparison images taken in mid-April and then in mid-May showing these as-yet-blurry features on Pluto. These images are included in this entry as the first three -- two above and the one directly below.

New Horizons LORRI image comparison of Pluto April 16th (left) and May 12th, 2015 (right) at the stated distances.


There is actually an animation of the three images above that make show the features of Pluto more compelling. I found at this site (link embedded): New Horizons' Latest Pluto Pics Reveal a Complex and Varied Surface.

(The headline possessive is misspelled; I've corrected it here to make the possessive New Horizons' although I suppose one could make it "New Horizons's. NASA seems to prefer the former (see below).)

New Horizons with instruments labeled.

Yes, Ralph and Alice. I love that fact.


"You're going to the Moon, Alice! Ehhh! Bang! Zoom!"


The full NASA caption (adapted slightly) to the three comparison images reads:

These images show Pluto in the latest series of New Horizons Long Range Reconnaissance Imager (LORRI) photos, taken May 8-12, 2015, compared to LORRI images taken one month earlier. In the month between these image sets, New Horizons' distance to Pluto decreased from 68 million miles (110 million km) to 47 million miles (75 million km), as the spacecraft speeds toward a close encounter with the Pluto system in mid-July.

The April images are shown on the left, with the May images on the right. All have been rotated to align Pluto's rotational axis with the vertical direction (up-down), as depicted schematically in the center panel. Between April and May, Pluto appears to get larger as the spacecraft gets closer, with Pluto's apparent size increasing by approximately 50 percent. Pluto rotates around its axis every 6.4 Earth days, and these images show the variations in Pluto's surface features during its rotation.

These images are displayed at four times the native LORRI image size, and have been processed using a method called deconvolution, which sharpens the original images to enhance features on Pluto. Deconvolution can occasionally add "false" details, so the finest details in these pictures will need to be confirmed by images taken from closer range in the next few weeks. All of the images are displayed using the same linear brightness scale.

Pluto and Charon in color as seen by the Ralph imager, New Horizons, April 9, 2015.


As of now, we are just 45 days and 54.1 million kilometers to the closest approach of Pluto and Charon on July 14, 2015.

As a final thought to New Horizons ...

Dear New Horizons, Intrepid Pioneer So Far From Home,

You may be by yourself hurtling across the farthest edges of the known Solar System where the Sun is but a dazzling point of light in the endless black night of starry space; Jupiter and Saturn are bright, steady stars; and Planet Earth is but a very dim bluish dot (probably lost in the glare of the Sun), but please know little one that you are not alone.

We're with you, seeing what you see, connected to you across that yawning void of 3 billion miles not just through technology but in mind and spirit. Where you go, we go.



My Lost Thursday: A Photo-Essay Recap; About a Certain Annoying Song; and a Brief Update on Others' Terrestrial and Planetary Adventures

**This entry was posted May 29, 2015.**

Some of the Yoshino "Japanese" cherry trees -- now just summer leafy green -- that grow around the Tidal Basin, Washington, D.C., 2:45PM May 28, 2015.


So this is a follow-up to what I alluded to in my previous entry ...

My Thursday was basically wiped out as a functioning day because of way excess on Wednesday night. I had biked to work on Wednesday and then -- on the way home -- stopped at No. 9, where I had four drinks (two of the two-for-one specials). That should have been enough, except I then went to Floriana to see Jamie and then promptly went with him to Fox & Hound.

17th & S Streets NW on a late spring, summery warm day, Washington, D.C., 12:30PM May 28, 2015.


Having said that, I don't actually remember being at Fox & Hound. The next thing I remember was waking up at home -- safe and sound with all my stuff, except my bicycle, which I left locked near the Safeway on 17th Street.

Not surprisingly, I did not make it to work until basically 1PM. I retrieved my bike -- which was just where I left it* and in functioning condition -- and rode there, locking it up in the usual spot outside DOE headquarters.

The Willard InterGalactic InterContinental Hotel as seen along the bike lane of Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, D.C., 12:47PM May 28, 2015.


*My bike is now old and beat up enough that it basically is not a target for any thieves, although it also seems to me that the rampant bike thievery in D.C. (quite possibly of a professional bike theft ring) from 10 years ago has, for now, ebbed. That's just my sense of things.

The Washington Monument as seen from the busy intersection of 15th Street and Independence Avenue SW, Washington, D.C., 2:39PM May 28, 2015.


Before going into the office, I first went to the cafeteria and bought what turned out to be disgusting lunch in a cardboard carton that was literally falling apart on me.

Some days the food there is just fine and other days, well, it isn't and this was a day that it wasn't.

The Jefferson Memorial in all its stately augustness, Washington, D.C., 2:46PM May 28, 2015.


At the office, I felt awful and incapable of doing any work, and I just wanted to be outside so I left shortly after I arrived and the day was pretty much a total loss, an unplanned day off. (The good news is that I have an editing assignment to do over the weekend that should help me recoup part of the hours this pay period.)

Upon leaving the office, I took a bike ride. The day was summery warm and humid with puffy cumulus congestus clouds in the sky and a south-southwesterly breeze. Indeed, it was the puffy clouds that attracted me to take a bike ride.

Looking upriver along the Potomac River from the George Mason span of the multi-span 14th Street Bridge, Washington, D.C., 2:48PM May 28, 2015.


Later, there were some widely scattered t-storms, one of which (of course) narrowly missed KDCA, but none in the District proper.Temps actually broke the 90F-mark in the immediate area including 92F at KDCA and dew points were / are in the mid-60s Fahrenheit (with some variation; presently, KDCA has a 69F dew point).

I rode the bike over the 14th Street Bridge, specifically, the George Mason span on the dedicated pedestrian / bike sidewalk (see picture directly above) and then along the Potomac to Rosslyn, back into D.C. over the Key Bridge, and then on a circuitous route through the backstreets of Georgetown.

The interior of Capriotti's Sandwich Shop in Georgetown, Washington, D.C., 3:24PM May 28, 2015.


I stopped at a sandwich shop at M and 34th Streets NW called Capriotti's Sandwich Shop (pictured directly above). I just had a Gatorade in a cup of ice. The place was air conditioned and a very pleasant respite. Everything was clean and well-kept and the staff friendly. It also looked like it made some great sandwiches. I should have had a nice lunch there rather than the awful cafeteria lunch.

Anyway, I continued on my way home, zigzagging on the backstreets of Georgetown "up" the grid into Dupont Circle via the Dumbarton (Q Street) Bridge and then home by about 4PM. (I saw Mark on the way home and stopped to talk to him for about 10 minutes).

I then made it to the gym by about quarter to six and had a rather good workout including 65 minutes on the treadmill jogging 6.62 miles (this includes 5 minute cool down).That sweaty jog is such an excellent detoxicant. I also did my weightlifting and had a 15 minute swim.

The Navy – Merchant Marine Memorial, Columbia Island, Washington, D.C.**, 2:52PM May 28, 2015.

This is a wonderful memorial. The design is awesome and to those it is dedicated -- the thousands who have perished at sea in whatever service to the country -- is really moving. I found myself getting a bit teary.

**It is located on Columbia Island, which is actually in the District of Columbia even though it is on the Virginia side of the Potomac River.


After getting home around 915PM, I went back to the scene of last night's doings -- first to Floriana and then, briefly, with Jamie to Fox & Hound. (I had texted him during the day and I generally knew it was a shit-show the night before, although not in a bad way.)

(Speaking of texts, I also had about 45 text message exchanges with Chris today -- then they abruptly stopped around midafternoon. He was apparently at the Scripps National Spelling Bee that was held on Wednesday and Thursday at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center at the National Harbor complex, and he provided me with running colorful commentary about the predominate ethnicity of the participants.)

Cumulus congestus clouds over the skyscrapers of Rosslyn, Arlington, Va., 3:07PM May 28, 2015.

The tall building with the glass pyramidal top is 1812 N. Moore Street. The tallest office building in the immediate D.C. area, it is visible from my apartment window about 3 miles away. It's still mostly, if not entirely, vacant.


For tomorrow, I need to try to have a productive day at work. I'm doing some client-supporting work, specifically, researching smart grid activities in Maryland (one of four states being analyzed).

OK, that's just about all for now, except to say I have that damn "My Sharona" song stuck in my head, in particular the lyrics:

"Never gonna stop, give it up, such a dirty mind! / I always get it up, for the touch of the younger kind! / My, my, my, aye-aye, whoa! / M-m-m-my Sharona! / M-m-m-my Sharona!"

God, I hate that song, and not just because the late Doug Fieger was singing almost psychotically in what is basically a simulated sex performance art for a then-underage girl, but also because the weird stuttering drum beat of the song gets so easily lodged in one's head, playing over and over.

I featured that song in this jukebox Saturday night entry last June but had to switch the YouTube link since the one I had was no longer available due to the usual copyright infringement bullshit, in this case, 36 years later and two band members deceased. Wall-P must be in orbit.

3336 N Street NW, Georgetown, Washington, D.C., 3:29PM May 28, 2015.

My dream is to find the house that was used as the exterior of Murphy Brown's house in the show Murphy Brown, but I suspect that was not in Georgetown and could be anywhere.


Some other stuff ...

Before ending, I would like to note that Natan and Julia have posted a new entry on their "Forget Jobs, Climb Mountains" blog chronicling their summer travels across the United States with extensive hiking, in this entry, 43 miles on Isle Royale National Park in Lake Superior.

Finally, I must post a New Horizons / Pluto-Palooza update! (I would do it now but it is so late and I'm so tired.) There are awesome new pictures to see from our wonderful, intrepid little space probe -- now just 46 days / 55 million kilometers away from its rendezvous with Pluto and its moons. PLUTO IS ON!!


Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Start of Another Student Loan Forbearance and My Summertime; Still Awaiting PAYE Day

The bike lanes down the middle of Pennsylvania Avenue NW looking toward the U.S. Capitol dome (still encased in scaffolding), Washington, D.C., 10:56AM May 27, 2015.

I biked to work yesterday after working from home for an hour or so.


My student loan forbearance has been approved!

This refers to the special category of the "mandatory forbearance due to excessive student loan debt burden" whereby if your payments under a standard plan are more than 20 percent of your total (monthly) income -- mine would be 26.43 percent -- than you get this forbearance. It comes most typically in three 1-year options and this is my third option year. (I also have 1 year remaining of "general forbearance," so in theory I can go to June 2017 before I'm out of options.)

Image of the top part of my approval letter


This refers to my gargantuan ($250,000 and still rising on interest) student loan debts, specifically, my two ginormous consolidated Direct Loans that are "serviced" by Navient (formerly Sallie Mae).

My hope -- as I discussed here -- is that President Obama's executive order to extend the "Pay As You Earn" (PAYE) option to older student loans such as mine will be in effect by this time next year. Under that plan, I would pay 10 percent of my disposable monthly income on the debt for 20 years -- in my current salary situation, $340 x 12 months/yr. x 20 yrs. = $81,600 or about 32 cents on the current dollar of the debt (and half that under the full standard 25-year repayment plan).

The early evening sky from L'Enfant Promenade (Washington Monument poking up, silhouetted, nearby), Washington, D.C., 6:34PM May 27, 2015.

We got screwed out of any thunderstorms yesterday in D.C. proper.


The best I could do now is 15 percent (under an income-based repayment plan). The difference between that 10 percent and 15 percent is enormous -- as in make-or-break, payable or not payable.

I know that this is a concept alien to Wall-P, a.k.a., Pitty Shil.

"Eh. Eh. Eheheh. My income is precisely commensurate with my superiority as a profit-maximizing life form. Therefore, we must conclude -- "

Ohhh, shut-up, Wall-P, you thimble-full of corporate stoogery.

Of course, who knows what the next 20 years will hold, and not just for my own life (anything could happen there as well). We could easily end up with wall-to-wall crazy Republican government and, in short order, debtors prisons, feudalism, and outright slavery for billionaire oligarchs and corporate fascists.

America is certainly dumb enough to do that because it can't stop "eating" freedom it bought on sale from the Jesus aisle at Walmart.

But for now, I have my forbearance through next June.

The view toward the Washington Monument from the Enid Haupt Garden, Smithsonian grounds, Washington, D.C., 6:41PM May 27, 2015.


This is actually the high point of my year, or rather, the point around which my whole year revolves -- building to this point and then the denouement for the rest of the year. It also marks the "start" of my summer season (since it always occurs this time of year). The "end" of summer is the trip with Gary, Larry, and/or Wendy to the Jersey shore (the Wildwoods!) that Gary finalized yesterday with a stay at the same hotel as last year.

Gary, yours truly, and Wendy in Wildwood Crest, New Jersey (the Jersey shore!), 10:55AM August 24, 2014.


How can I ever thank that lady who worked for then-Sallie Mae who told me about this special category of forbearance two years ago. I wish I knew who she was. She is awesome. I think I love her. We could certainly be -- based on how she talked -- good friends.

The view along Pennsylvania Avenue NW looking toward the U.S. Capitol dome (with a cumulonimbus cloud in the distance), Washington, D.C., 6:48PM May 27, 2015.

The radar showed a thunderstorm about 35 miles to the east-southeast of D.C. at that point.


Yes, I'm very late for work today. I had to take the morning off as I'm not feeling well (my own fault for excesses last night). Tonight is a gym night, though.


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Overview of May Extreme Weather Events -OR- GOP Global Cooling: The Ongoing Comedy Series

Cooling off ... India-style.

Alternatively, Rush Limbaugh's house boy after giving him "El Rushbo" a bath.


I didn't get a chance to post an entry last night after work and the gym, and I don't have time this morning to post my Monday Memorial Day bike ride pictures or really anything else this morning.

In lieu of that, here is a quick synopsis of some climate change-fueled extreme weather ongoing on our fair Planet Earth the past week ...

(Note: Anything underlined includes an embedded link.)

Everybody In!

Not sure where this was photographed but it is in India in the past few days.


Flooding in Houston, May 26, 2015 following 11+ inches of rain.



Flood sites across the Southern Great Plains through Tuesday morning, May 27, 2015


These were the NWS weather advisories in place as of 0621UTC on May 24, 2015 across the South Central United States, most notably, Texas and Oklahoma.

Those are flash flood watches and warnings and tornado watches.


NWS Southern Mississippi River Valley composite radar, 0558UTC May 24, 2015.


NWS Southern Mississippi River Valley composite radar, 0308UTC May 26, 2015.


Nearly unprecedented southerly location for such violent tornado

Residents survey destruction in Cuidad Acuña on Monday, May 25th after unprecedented EF-3 tornado struck.


*Sorry for that; couldn't resist

Town of Eagle hit 91F on Saturday (May 23rd), first-ever 90F+ reading in May in Alaska

Surface temperature anomalies for the western half of the Northern Hemisphere, May 22, 2015, Climate Re-analyzer, University of Maine.


Pay no attention to all this extreme weather. The American Conservative Entertainment Complex and its GOP political party appendage tells me either everything is fine or its "global cooling" -- and that "global warming" ("anthropogenic climate change" is too complex a term to use) is merely a "scientific hoax" to take away my freedom, my guns, and my corporate oligarchy.

Say, where's Ann Coulter and her rightwing performance art when you need her?

I have an idea: Let's all go shop at Walmart and have a triple cheeseburger!