Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wednesday Morning Update: This My April in Washington -OR- On Top of Baloney

**This entry was posted on April 15, 2015.**

Yoshino cherry blossom petals cover the wet ground near the Tidal Basin, Washington, D.C., April 14, 2015.

Photo taken from this CWG entry. It was taken / is attributed to someone named Ninja Pix but no link was provided.


This is just a genuinely quick morning entry to note that I intend to post a fuller entry tonight after work and the gym, except I'm not exactly sure on what topic.

I need to get new sneakers for the gym as my current pair -- which are at least two years old -- are starting to fall apart. I'll probably just get a new pair at Payless Shoes. This means another trip to the chaos of the Columbia Heights Target / shopping area and walk back to my place. Perhaps on Friday.

Yesterday was a rainy day with KDCA getting the jackpot -- 0.64" -- while KIAD had 0.50" and KBWI just 0.36".

Of course, the Baltimore area had a lot more rain last week than the D.C. area.

Temps. were in the 63F to 67F range for highs at the three airport spots.

It continues to be a cool, slow-moving, spring with precipitation a bit above (Baltimore area) to a bit below (D.C. area). However, additional rainfall is forecasted this week. This is fine with me.

It was also a busy, decently productive day at work yesterday. I need to finish another writing assignment today. Tomorrow, I am supposed to be a note-taker at one of the breakout sessions for DOE's "What's the Big Idea?" in Crystal City. Or something like that.

Last night, I went with Natan briefly to Post Pub and then to Teak Wood. Later, I went to No. 9, although I probably should have just came straight home. (The only bright spot was this fellow brought a dog into the bar. I've never seen that before, and unlike Larry's Lounge, I'm sure dogs are probably not technically allowed there. The dog was an affectionate boxer without its ears pinched up.

No. 9 last night, 9:16PM April 14, 2015.


I was home by 10:15PM, actually worked for an hour finishing up edits on a company memo, and then went to bed by 12:15AM. I was quite depressed initially (esp. walking home) but then in a good mood by the time I went to bed.

The funniest line from last night:

Scene: Natan and I talking about the children's silly parody song On Top of Spaghetti (and to be clear, Natan is in his 20s):

Me: "I don't know actually know the words to On Top of Old Smoky."

Natan: "What that's go to do with anything?"

Me: "It's the same tune."

Natan: "Oh."

Guess you had to be there. It was all in the delivery. (Note: it is also often spelled On Top of Old Smokey.)

OK, that's all for now.


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