Monday, April 20, 2015

Perfection Reposted: YouTube Clip of the Most Recent "Zombie Lies - Environmental Edition" Segment from Real Time with Bill Maher

This segment from what I believe is the most recent Real Time with Bill Maher show just needs to be featured in a stand-alone entry. It's called "Zombie Lies - Environmental Edition" as part of the "New Rule" feature. Maher takes on the nonsense and garbage spewed by basically any and all Republican politicians, in particular, presidential wannabes on the topic of human-induced climate change in service to all the corporate and rightwing billionaire (read: Koch Brothers) money sloshing through our political system and funding their candidacies.

Maher gave this monologue as a nod to the upcoming Earth Day on April 22nd.

Just watch it. It's perfection.

The good people of Planet Earth thank you, Mr. Maher.


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