Wednesday, April 15, 2015

My Regulus Blog Turns 7 Years Old; Pres. Lincoln Assassinated 150 Years Ago; & Brief Update

Today, my Regulus blog turns 7 years old.

My very first posting was on April 15, 2008. This posting is entry no. 1,543.

By total coincidence, today is also the 150th anniversary -- the sesquicentennial -- of the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln.*

This was a seminal event that totally fucked up American history and allowed the South to continue to fight it in de facto ways up to the present. This includes, of course, decades of actual sustained homegrown terrorism against an ostensibly free but in actuality terrified and quasi-enslaved African American population.

However, this entry is not a political-themed one.

Pres. Obama paid touching tribute today by ordering U.S. flags flown at half-staff (half-mast) in commemoration of the unhappy event.

*To be clear, Lincoln was shot on April 14th -- Good Friday, no less -- and died on the 15th.

Burn in hell, John Wilkes Booth. No, really. At least you died in pain.

Returning to my blog's 7th birthday ...

Things are so much better for me now than they were when I started it back in April 2008. Actually, things were to get even worse, in particular in 2009 when I was a wage-slave 1099 "independent contractor" for the Japanese turkey farm. I had worked for one year there as an actual salaried employee, but it was such a nightmare -- and all for $40,000 a year -- that I (foolishly) quit with nothing else lined up and instead was a "1099."

My hope for the next 7 years is to continue working regularly (and contently) as I am and slowly build up my 401k (as much as I hate that model). I'm happy in my present job, though a Federal position would be ideal, even if highly unlikely.

As for Social Security and my would-be retirement circa 2036, I am assuming all that money will have long since been stolen by the GOP with the help of neoliberal "Washington Consensus" "centrist" Democrats by then -- not to mention dumbass, self-sabotaging voters -- and turned over to Wall Street crooks and sundry billionaire oligarchs both foreign and domestic.

Above: Fred Hiatt's very own Mother "Moo" Marcus, all "deeply concerned" about "entitlement spending."


I also hope to get another year of my student loan deferment -- late May is when I apply for that -- and then get the expanded PAYE option (assuming it has in fact been expanded) in mid-2016 or (if I use my final year of general deferment) in mid-2017.

Turning to more immediate matters, I had a rather good gym workout tonight including the full hour plus five minute cool down on the treadmill totaling 6.68 miles; a bit over an hour of light-to-moderate weightlifting** (though and 25 minutes in the swimming pool.

**To be clear, about 7 minutes was spent talking to one of the more enthusiastic trainers who was trying to sell me on some training sessions. (I'm not categorically opposed to the idea, just not now.) My friend Fred, who happened to be leaving at that point and was walking past, stood next to me and trying not to laugh as this trainer kept talking about different uses of his "special sling."

Of note, I weighed myself again and my weight had fallen about 2.5 pounds from the Monday night shocker and was at 145.5 pounds. This means it is back to within 3 pounds of my range since I bottomed out after I lost the 40+ pounds. I also think that I've put on a pound or so of muscle (I guestimate). I'd still like to lose 5 to 7 pounds of that mid-section 45-year old man flab that is so difficult to shed at this age.

I just made some dinner, too: Boiled jasmine rice, steamed broccoli and carrots, and a tin of the 10-oz Bumble Bee chicken breast, all mixed up. To drink, a lightly flavored Seltzer water (although I had some Gatorade and part of can of green tea-flavored soda pop when I got home).

To be clear, my food diet is not the issue. It is too much drinking liquor. I'm tentatively planning on a supplemental gym tonight tomorrow, if only to avoid going out and being all torn up Friday morning.

OK, I'm going to try to post one more entry tonight. It will include political commentary / links (the usual stuff). It might not happen, though.


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