Friday, April 17, 2015

"Girl, Ima Have To Blog Later ..." -OR- On a Bed of New Comfy Foam Toppers and Old Yoshino Cherry Blossom Petals

Ha ha

Not sure if that picture was staged or not but it's still hilarious, in particular with the caption.


I don't have enough time to post an entry tonight, so this one will have to do. In addition, Yahoo mail is screwed up again so I can't access some of my pictures for this entry.

I really need a dedicated entry to the one page of instructions and description (and illustrations!) that came with my brand new "COMFY FOAM TOPPER" mattress cushion I bought this evening at the Columbia Heights Bodega Gigante y Supermercado, I mean, Target.

Part of step 1: "Carefully remove the outer plastic layer so not to cut or damage the comfy foam topper." Part of step 2: "Gently unroll the comfy foam topper on a flat surface. It may take a few days for the topper to return to its intended size." 3. "Place your comfy foam topper on your mattress and secure with your fitted sheet."

To be clear, I use it on the floor (I have no bed or mattress) below a pile of comforters, quilts, pillow, and stuffed animals (of which lots are hippos).

The Yoshino cherry trees along the Tidal Basin losing their petals, Washington, D.C., April 16, 2015.

Picture by Nathan Jones and posted in this CWG entry. Source location here.


It's a mild night following a partly cloudy to mostly sunny day with temps. reaching the upper 70s Fahrenheit (79F at KDCA and KIAD and 78F at KBWI; KDMH by the Inner Harbor reached 75F). There were a few widely scattered showers around today with a mostly southerly flow. Actually, there was a touch of convection with some t-showers out toward the Blue Ridge.

Tonight, I'm heading to Larry's Lounge shortly and then plan to meet Fred at Floriana "grotto bar." Thereafter, I might go to No. 9 or, as sometimes happens, to Fox & Hound with Jamie if he goes there.

I'm unsure about my plans tomorrow -- most likely it will just be a regular Saturday involving gym and laundry and then going to dinner and No. 9 at night. I intend to at least post a jukebox Saturday night entry.


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