Friday, March 13, 2015

"The Waters of March" -OR- Life in the Imperial Capital City: An Ongoing Series

Tranquil sunset looking east, 600 block Indiana Ave NW, Washington, D.C., 6:57PM March 11, 2015.


Not much to say tonight.

I'm starting to get concerned once again about my work situation. It is complicated to go into but there are potential problems.

Tonight, I went to the gym. It was an OK three-part workout. Nothing stellar.

Last night, my office happy hour held at Penn Quarter Sports Tavern morphed into a much more over-the-top night out in which I went with my co-worker Natan to Harry's Pub.

A glass of sparkling wine at Georgia Brown's, Washington, D.C., 7:20PM March 9, 2015.

This picture was taken on Monday evening when I stopped there briefly. Let me just say that restaurant isn't going to win any awards for healthy food.


Natan and I parted company, and I wandered over to the Green Lantern ("the Green Latrine") -- a place I've been to about four times in the past four years, and never very long. It was as pathetic as ever in its "new" incarnation (nothing like what it was in its much sleazier incarnation in the mid to late 1990s).

Finally, I walked over to No. 9, where I bumped into Chris H. (that would be "CH1" rather than "CH2"). The night got a bit fuzzy after that but I got home safe and sound, nothing missing, and no worse for wear.

A person who is far worse for wear in this life. This was in the 700 block of 13th Street NW, Washington, D.C., 8:29PM March 11, 2015.

I think this was actually an old lady. I was going to give her money -- as in a $20 bill -- but then I did not. I should have done that rather than spending so much on frickin' drinking. Partly, I was reluctant to disturb her.


Changing subjects ...

I was reading Paul Krugman's always-useful blog -- not to be confused with this twice-weekly New York Times op-ed columns
-- and he linked to this article by UK Telegraph columnist Ambrose Evans-Pritchard entitled (link embedded): Global finance faces $9 trillion stress test as dollar soars.

The sub-headline is: The world is more dollarized today that any time in history, and therefore at the mercy of the US Federal Reserve as rates rise.

I won't go into the details here but it was quite startling to read.

I guess I didn't realize any of that was going on. It pivots off this Jan. 2015 report by the Bank for International Settlements (link embedded): BIS Working Papers No. 483: "Global dollar credit: links to US monetary policy and leverage".

It is interesting to me that the U.S. dollar is as much (if not more than) ever the world's currency ...

... despite the fact that the American national political system is an increasingly non-functional and dangerously polarized one as manifested in a malfunctioning presidential system that is likely to encounter some real constitutional crisis disaster in the next 10 to 20 years dwarfing the 2000 Supreme Court "Scalia 5" coup that gave us George W. Bush.

It was Bush's "aw shucks" ass that the "Washington Consensus" ass-hat courtier class could kiss fast enough throughout his maladroit presidency.

Then, as now, the Washington Consensus is embodied in Fred Hiatt's WaHoPo editorial and op-ed page rouge's gallery of domestic neo-liberal think tank "scholars" (Benji Wittes and Sebastian Mallaby come to mind) and foreign policy neo-conservative imperialistic warmongers on the payroll of the military - industrial - surveillance complex of endless terror-mongering. Apologists and tools of corporate oligarchs and random billionaires, all of them, and unwilling and/or unable to call out reckless GOP idiocy and reality-denying ideology.


Turning to the weather ...

U.S. surface weather map forecast for hour 48 / valid 12Z (8AM EDT) March 14, 2015.


A two-day rainy spell is in the offing for the D.C. area as a "wet" low pressure system tracks out of the western Gulf of Mexico and across the lower Mississippi River Valley into the Ohio River Valley. This southern stream system will be drawn northeastward by a northern stream system rotating across the Great Lakes region, allowing rain to overspread the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic even as a high pressure moves offshore into the western Atlantic.

This system is actually forecasted to bring rain to the snow-clogged Boston area, though the BOX forecast discussion stated it will be a cold rain, which somehow limits the possibility of flooding due to snow melt and poor drainage. I'm not sure exactly how that mechanism works but whatever.

NWS weather advisories as of 0412UTC (12:12AM EDT) March 13, 2015 for the eastern half of the Lower 48.


As the above map shows (although I didn't include the legend), there are extensive flood watches and flash flood watches (the same colors are used) and some flood and flash flood warnings presently in effect across the lower and middle Mississippi River Valley and the Ohio River Valley as heavy rainfall and snowmelt combine to create favorable conditions for flooding.

Tonight's Southern Mississippi Valley composite radar mosaic shows the Gulf of Mexico really opening up in terms of moisture advection:

Southern Mississippi River Valley composite radar mosaic at 0358UTC (10:58PM CDT) March 13 (12th), 2015.


For tomorrow (Friday), I am planning on going to National Airport to see off (back to Denver) two of our company HR people who were in D.C. this week interviewing employees. They are both great people, but I've pretty much fallen in love with T. She's just awesome. My idea is that we could have lunch at Sam & Harry's at National Airport (since it is outside the terminals' security perimeters).

I think on Saturday night I am going to a house party at John's place in Arlington.

OK, that's all for now. My next planned update is on Saturday.


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