Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Still Trying to Find This Spring - and Time to Post a Meaningful New Entry

Forested grounds of the Winterthur Museum in Winterthur, New Castle County, Del., May 8, 2013.


It's a chilly, even blustery sunny morning following a (dry) cold frontal passage. Rain and maybe a bit of mixed precipitation is forecasted on Thursday.

As for updating this blog, again, I just didn't have the time to do it last night. I went to No. 9 after work and then to the downstairs bar at Floriana where I met Roger. Tonight is a planned gym night so I should be able to update the blog thereafter, although I can't really post a lengthy entry. It's just kind of difficult maintaining this blog on a regular schedule.

Oh, yes, I had to repost my "re-introductory" entry on my Arcturus's World blog because I MISSPELLED Arcturus in the entry title. Boo, me. (I just cut-and-pasted the initial entry and deleted the earlier one.)

Oh, yes, I think Gary and I are OK now.


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