Saturday, March 14, 2015

Saturday Afternoon Recap of My Friday (and Wednesday) Night(s) & Some Political Cartoons

**This entry was posted on March 14, 2015.**

Blue sky and cirrus tufts and streamers above L'Enfant Plaza, Washington, D.C., 1:32PM March 13, 2015.


Note: The political cartoons in here are taken from the Polyp.Org.UK website image gallery. They are met to break up the text, but I also quite like them.


Saturday early afternoon. March 14th ("pi day"). Even more so than usual, given the 3.14.15 calendar date (using the U.S. notation system).

It's a gray, cool early afternoon with lingering drizzle after a general half-to-three-quarter inch rainfall last night into the wee hours.

The 3-day totals at the regional airports show 0.56" at KDCA (National Airport), 0.70" at KBWI (BWI Airport), and 0.64" at both KIAD (Dulles Airport) and KDMH (Maryland Science Center) with most of that since yesterday evening.

It's about 50F and damp under gray skies that are slowly brightening.

Tomorrow is forecasted to be sunny, breezy, and cool with highs around 52F. That should be a good day for a bike ride.

Updated 7:34PM 3/14/2015: There was a bit more rainfall after I posted this entry. The updated three-day totals (again, with most of the precipitation falling since last night) are as follows: 0.61" at KDCA; 0.75" at KBWI; 0.67" at KIAD; and 0.66" at KDMH. The KIAD total includes 0.12" on the 12th. Excluding that amount, 0.55" fell in the current event.

End of update.

The view from my 5th floor apartment (leaning a bit out the window) overlooking the intersection of New Hampshire Ave and 16th and U Streets NW, Washington, D.C., 12:32PM March 14, 2015.


Spring is coming on slowly this year to the Capital of the Empire and its environs. It's not a full-throttled shift into frickin' overheated summer of the sort that pleases the flippin' Washington Consensus crowd and Beltway courtier overclass as they celebrate the return of brutality economics and some bogus libertarian / neo-liberal dream world mixed with neoconservative warmongering.

To be clear, though, a slow spring doesn't "prove" global cooling no matter how many times Sen. James Inhofe carries a snowball onto the Senate floor. Sorry Teabaggers.

Anyway, I actually got up a bit earlier than I normally do on a typical Saturday -- around 10AM -- and composed my jukebox Saturday night entry, which is now complete. I'll post it tonight. In the meantime, I am posting this update before I get ready and go to the gym for my usual Saturday afternoon visit. Actually, I've gone quite a bit in the past week -- Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. This was part of my plan to switch my Monday / Wednesday visits to Tuesday / Thursday visits for reasons explained below.

So yesterday, I saw off our two visiting HR folks, at National Airport. Alas, their flight on Frontier Airlines (back to Denver) was in the old A terminal, which is quite a walk (about 10 minutes), and it cut into our lunch time. However, we three sat at the corner of the bar at Sam & Harry's and had a nice lunch. T. and L. are awesome, and I really got to like both of them. The two glasses of wine I had, though, lingered with me through the afternoon.

Sun and blue sky with what I believe are altostratus clouds as seen above L'Enfant Plaza, Washington, D.C., 1:33PM March 13, 2015.


Last night, I met Andrea at Dupont Italian Kitchen for dinner. Actually, I went to the upstairs bar first, and it was there that the final pieces of Wednesday night's ultimately innocuous / harmless but still concerning puzzle fell into place. As I mentioned in my previous entry, a work happy hour at Penn Quarter Tavern on Wednesday night metastasized into a multiple-part "night out" that included festive Harry's Pub in downtown D.C., the skanky Green Lantern, and No. 9, where I bumped into Chris "H1" (just to differentiate him from Chris "H2" who is mentioned below).

Apparently, we went to Dupont Italian Kitchen upstairs bar, where I was not served and instead P. walked me out and I went home. Nothing bad happened -- that was it. However, I've only the foggiest memory of that. When I got there last night, manager Bradley told me what happened and I talked to bartender B. himself and thanked him for not serving me.

Later, at dinner downstairs, I talked to P. (she was downstairs at that point), and she filled in more details. She also told me that Chris H1 was not a friend at all in that situation, which doesn't surprise me in the slightest. I could end up passed out in a gutter and he'd just walk away.

Another picture of the Sun and (altostratus?) clouds in a blue sky as seen above L'Enfant Plaza, Washington, D.C., 1:33PM March 13, 2015.


While upstairs, I talked to Chris H2. He was is on a 2-week jury duty call -- which apparently is the new way of doing it: You call in the night before to see if you are needed rather than showing up en masse at 8AM in frickin' Superior Court at Joodishyouwhary Square among all the D.C. social wreckage that amasses there on a daily basis. I am getting close to being called again (it's about every two years in D.C.).

Chris's voice imitations are hilarious, esp. of certain silly, self-important, and/or just dumb people in the gayborhood. While there was some of that, this time he told me about how when he was 6 years old back in the Minneapolis area, he and his family right on the 4th of July during a big party heard the news of the death of his oldest brother in Paris. It's as tragic and sad a story as you would expect.

Andrea arrived and we had dinner downstairs.

Rainy late night looking north along 15th Street NW from P Street NW, Washington, D.C., 1:36AM March 14, 2015.


Thereafter, she and I stopped into Fox & Hound, where Jamie and Jenny were among a throng of people. We quickly left and went to Duke's -- that new hipster East End-themed bar located in what 20 years ago was the Pop Stop. Jamie and Jenny soon showed up with some other people and the night was quite enjoyable, esp. when Jamie found out that Andrea's husband is a big D&D player. (I've yet to make any sense out of that game.)

I talked to an Australian lady named Emma who is a reporter / journalist here in D.C., and that was also nice. We talked about this country (sigh), Australia, and how much I want to go to New Zealand. I really hope she gets the job she is trying to get. It would be a good one.

I ended the night by going to No. 9, but I only stayed for a half hour and walked home and went to bed.

So that was my Friday night.

Rainy late night along 15th Street NW near Q Street NW, Washington, D.C., 1:37AM March 14, 2015.


OK, that's all for now. I'm going to the gym this afternoon. My intention is to keep my Saturday gym days but switch the Monday and Wednesday nights to Tuesday and Thursday nights. This will help me avoid going out on Thursday and getting all drunk and ruining my Friday and Friday night.

As for tonight, I am supposed to meet Gary in Arlington at the Ballston Metro and ride to John's place on Lorcom Lane for a house party. So it's one of those rare cross-the-Potomac nights in NoVaVa, I mean, Northern Virginia.


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