Monday, March 9, 2015

A Brief March Monday Morning Update with Link to Excellent Andrew O'Hehir Salon Piece

Updated 9:33AM 3/10/2015: See below.

Monday morning.

I had intended to update this blog last night but got distracted. I met Gary at No. 9, and then we went to Stoney's where Howie was working. I came home whereupon LP came over for about 90 minutes. We watched on my computer an excellent Nova special about the Sun called "Dark Secrets of the Sun" (intermittent attempts at commercial breaks notwithstanding), and then talked for a while and finally I went to bed around 1AM.

As I made it to the gym two days in a row -- Saturday and Sunday -- with a complete three-part workout both times, I am skipping it tonight. (This included two 6.5 mile jogs, two 1-hour periods of weight-lifting, and two 20-to-25 minute periods in the swimming pool.) My intention is to update the blog tonight, although I want to be in bed by midnight. I'm still not completely adjusted to frickin' daylight savings time.

The weather is mild this morning (around 40F ) with highs forecasted about 55F. Hopefully we will get some decent rainfall tomorrow into Wednesday that washes away all the frickin' rock salt all over the ground, even if that means it all ends up in a sort of toxic shock to the Potomac and Chesapeake Bay and, eventually, Atlantic Ocean.

I had intended to repost in full this incredible Andrew O'Hehir piece from Salon, but I don't have time to do so this morning. I might do it in a subsequent entry, but for now, here is the article title (link embedded) and sub-title:

How a 19th-century thinker's revolutionary insights drive today's climate-denial flacks – and can help beat them

The piece takes as its launching point the documentary Merchants of Doubt by Robert Kenner. I can't do it justice in such a short entry as this, so please read it (even if it is on Salon).

OK, time to get this day started. I'm hoping I'm busier at work then I was last week. In fact, I should be given the upcoming assignments.

UPDATED 9:33AM 3/10/2015: Alas, I did not get a chance to update this blog last night. As tonight is a planned gym night, I should be home by 10:30PM-ish and have time to post a new entry after dinner and before it gets too late and I have to go to bed. End of update and of entry.


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