Sunday, February 1, 2015

Still in a Frickin' Bad Mood and Way Behind on this Dog-Gamned Stupid Blog -OR- Can Andrew Sullivan Ever Actually Quit Blogging? Can I?

Tsunami bar, Washington, D.C., 5:59PM February 1, 2015.


Again, sorry for the planned updates.

I'm now about 5 entries behind what I want to post but simply have no time / wherewithal to do so.

Perhaps I need to do like Andrew Sullivan and take a break from blogging. About that Sullivan post, I was going to repost his entire "farewell to blogging" piece on my blog, but that is yet another entry I never got / will get around to posting.

Andrew Sullivan

As an aside, I well remember Sullivan before the beard back at the nearby church -- the Cathedral of Saint Matthew ("St. Mathew's") -- here in D.C. back in the 1990s. This was back when the then-rightwing Sullivan was editor of The New Republic and the Clinton Wars were raging like crazy.

Thsi was back when then-Father / now Monsignor James Watkins (R- Very Gay) would do his Carmen Miranda / Chita Rivera shtick routine at the 5:30PM Sunday mass at St. Matthews. At the time, I was hanging out at that church at the time because I was keen on this truly awful, rotten man (who shall not be named). He belonged to this neurotic rightwing Catholic single men's group that had a female counterpart and there were, admittedly, lots of yuppie fun things to do. Anyway, to see him now (as I have) is to wonder what brand of insanity was that on my part.


I would like to link to Paul Krugman's thoughts on blogging, which includes his (not so forgiving) thoughts on Andrew Sullivan. This entry was inspired, in turn, by the incredibly annoying Ezra Klein's piece on the matter. (BTW, I can't stand Ezra Klein. I love Paul Krugman, though.)

This was the picture that Sullivan posted in his "Note to My Readers" entry stating that he was quitting blogging. The date on it is Jan. 31, 2015, but that seems to be a reposting of an earlier entry. Whatever the case, he didn't follow through on it.


However, as an "update" even before I post this entry, in visiting Sullivan's site, it looks like he was full of shit -- he's blogging as fast and furious as ever. I guess he can't help himself. Maybe I'll tell him that the next time I see him (Sullivan) around the D.C. 'hood, which I occasionally do.

Anyway, at least that's one less entry for me to never get around to posting.

Yours frickin' truly at Tsunami, Washington, D.C., 6:06PM February 1, 2015.

It was actually amazingly pleasant there with the music (light jazz / Big Band), a muted TV, and nice little Thai dishes. I was happy despite being worried, miserable, and depressed. In that order. But there was no Super Bowl crap to which to be subjected. (I went to No. 9 thereafter, where I unexpectedly met Bishop Charlie (back from Minneapolis but, suddenly and thankfully, in a good living situation). The Super Bowl was being shown on the downstairs TV, but muted with music playing. Upstairs, it was being shown with the sound.

I'm worried that I'm about to gain, like, a ginormous amount of weight and become some ball of gelantinous ooze that would make God-The-Triune-Unified just thrilled due to a "natural" physical "response" in HIS Gnostic-evil Universe because, for instance, I put a packet of sugar in my Starbucks coffee or, worse -- much worse -- had a sweet drink.

I already feel myself getting rapidly fatter in the middle, and it doesn't matter how often I go to the gym or jog or whatever to do. At 45, one's body just"wants" to be physically fat. Ain't that great?? Of course, I have felt like this before in the past 2-1/2 years since I rejoined the gym and nothing came of it. We shall see.

By the way, speaking of Andrew Sullivan, I missed his piece praising to the heaven's Jonathan Chait's excellent and highly controversial, spot-on piece on the toxically stifling world of politically correct thought on race and gender issues in academia and on social media.

It's worth reading, especially with the gay angle (rather than the race / gender thing that gets you no where). I mentioned Chait's piece and his follow up piece in this blog entry.

Of note, as a result of the response I got from someone to whom I sent this piece, I have once again vowed Inever to engage in any online political discussions even with those I know on friendly terms, so no more political emails from me.

OK, I'm going to try to post another entry, esp. about the amazing coincidence of someone from Long Branch, N.J., who used to spend their summers at Trade Winds (or Tradewinds) Beach Club in Sea Bright, N.J., at the same time I was there.

The waxing gibbous Moon "balanced" on the tip of the Washington Monument, 1:21AM February 1, 2015.

I took this picture -- plus a better one with my Smartphone -- toward the end of my 66 minute bike ride late last night from Old Town Alexandria -- where I went to The Wharf because John Strongbow's Tavern was so damn crowded and noisy with a changed menu -- back to D.C. via a moonlit Mount Vernon bike trail. I had an amazing time at The Wharf. This is a topic of another blog entry.

This Moon "balancing" thing just was luck as I biked along the sidewalk of 15th Street as it crosses the Mall.

As for posting another entry, I'm almost border-line nauseous tonight from the frickin' late night dinner I made a short while ago and ate too fast, esp. the burnt broccoli. (I YET AGAIN forget to put fucking water in the pan to steam it because I'm a fucking idiot who is clearly losing his mind.). You-know-who should be be happy and chuckle warmly because that satisfies that one's "moral Calculus" of this Universe.

I hate everything. OK, well, maybe not this view ...

This picture from Chatham, N.H., was posted in this Andrew Sullivan's blog entry featuring responds to his planned / not-followed-through hiatus from blogging. It somehow predates the link above that is dated Jan. 31st, 2015. (The original (now redirected) URL of that other entry indicates he first posted it on Jan. 28th. Thus Sullivan "quit" and returned to blogging twice within 3 days.)


OK good night. I'll try again tomorrow night to post the entries in question. Between work and blogging, though, it is a gym night.


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