Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Note to My New Zealand Reader -OR- On Time and Tide

Rakaia George on the Rakaia River, Canterbury Region, South Island, New Zealand.


Dear Judith,

Thank you so much for stopping by and posting a thoughtful and interesting comment in this entry. I would like to repost part of it:

I "met" you first via some great photos of Meridian Hill Park (which was a daily excursion for me in my pre-school years) you posted a while ago. I was setting up one of my Pinterest boards and wanted a good shot of the steps and fountain and Google led me to your's. I was born in Washington and lived there the first 13 years of my life - in the area of Columbia Road between 16th and 18th streets - and wherever the trolleys and busses took me from there :-)

Time and tide have carried me far from DC, so I am now living and working online from a seaside community in New Zealand -- literally, the other side of the world.


Oparara Arch and the Oparara River, West Coast Region, South Island, New Zealand.


First, I posted the entry about the Greek / German euro tragedy simply as a summary of Paul Krugman's writings on the subject that I thought were important to note.

Secondly, I think you are referring to this entry. I posted a subsequent entry about Meridian Hill Park roughly six months later here, and it included a picture of the refurbished Joan of Arc equestrian statue.

Mount Taranaki (also Mount Egmont), Taranaki region, North Island, New Zealand.


I actually submitted the picture to Wikipedia for consideration, and months later, it was posted on the page for Meridian Hill Park. Amazingly, that picture is still there. The main photo page is here. I sent it with a request that I note be credited.

Snowy day view of Meridian Hill Park, Washington, D.C., 3:05PM February 21, 2015.


Thirdly, above is another picture I took of Meridian Hill Park, or rather, the southeastern edge of Meridian Hill Park as seen from New Hampshire Avenue at 15th Street NW in yesterday's snow. My apologies for the low-quality image. I took the image with my flip-open cellphone.


Lake MacKenzie, Fiordland National Park, South Island, New Zealand.


Fourth, I really appreciate your comment because I don't get many actual comments, and I've long since shut down the open comment option (so that all comments have to be approved) since so many of them are commercial spam (if I can paraphrase Paul Krugman once again, a robot selling Viagra), phishing attempts, or just some weird and sad combo from some actual human poster in Nigeria, Pakistan, or wherever who, I suspect, earns a penny for each time some link is accessed).

Earlier in my blogging period (2006 - 2008, in particular on my old Arcturus blog, I had a number of blogger buddies, including one fascinating lady from Sydney, Australia, as well one from my home state of New Jersey who passed away, but that all ended.

Auckland, New Zealand skyline


I would love to hear how "time and tide" so carried you so far from Washington, D.C., and to a place where I would absolutely love to visit and where, I suspect, I would strongly like to live. My thrice-weekly 60 minute treadmill routines at the YMCA are made less boring only by the fact that I typically do one of three New Zealand course runs.

Finally, per your comment, I do not have any social media accounts -- no Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or whatnot -- just this blog. However, if you like, you can reach me by e-mail at

All the best and kind regards from the other side of Planet Earth!


P.S. For those interested, Judith's Facebook page is here.

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