Thursday, February 12, 2015

A Bit of Weather and a Bunch of Late Night Linked-In Political Commentary -OR- Whither Thou Goest, Little Monarch Butterfly Friend?

Morning in Weymouth, Mass., Feb. 9, 2015. Picture taken by Jennifer Cole and posted in this CWG entry.


As a quick weather update, two cold fronts -- a double shot of Arctic air, really -- are progged to cross the mid-Atlantic, one tomorrow and another on Saturday.

The second will have a stronger clipper system associated with it, but even so, the results will of be basically no snow in the Metro D.C. area while the storm redevelops as a coastal low and probably buries Boston / eastern Massachusetts again in this record-setting year for that region.

Not to worry, here, though: The neo-liberal Washington Consensus and its neo-conservative warmongering wing will remain snow-free.

There is, however, at this time, a coastal flood advisory for both the District of Columbia and Anne Arundel County for "tidal anomalies 1.5 to 2 feet above astronomical normal."

Check out that "coastal flood advisory" -- yikes.


I feel blessed. As I said in an earlier entry: Thank You, again, THE LORD.

While I'm on a political commentary trajectory, I'd like to post a link to this piece by Thomas Edsall in The New York Times (link embedded): The Republican Discovery of the Poor.

Read the piece.

In it, Edsall discusses the potentially dire situation facing loser Democrats if Republicans successfully co-opt the issue of income inequality, in particular, offering some modest "solutions" that aren't the usual bullshit supply side "eliminate all taxes on billionaires and corporations and the magic of the unleashed marketplace will lift all boats," presumably on the Sea of Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior.

FWIW, my take on it is as follows:

Amoral and savage Republicans -- reflecting the Skeksis "yin" to the urRu/Mystics "yang" of the dumbass American body politic -- will OF COURSE "co-opt" the issue of income inequality, wage stagnation, and the failure of the American and larger global corporate capitalist economy to generate prosperity.

Furthermore, the white working class and the quasi-Puritan middle class will continue to vote GOP over and over and over, in a strategy that, though complicit in their own demise, is not totally unexpected or even unreasonable given how little help the Federal Gov't actually provides its economically stressed citizens.

Yes, we have a Skeksis and UrRu situation. But there's no magical "shard" that can fix this shattered Dark Crystal.


Meanwhile, idiot, loser Democrats -- robbed of any power and ability to do anything and possessing an activist base that has only one avenue of power open to it, namely, endless crusades for political correctness designed to root out "wrong" social thinking, in particular in academia and on social media -- will offer nothing of value to anyone and just keep losing elections.

Democrats as a party are in serious, perhaps terminal decline -- and demography or other "immutable" changes aren't going to save us. While the storyline "form" changes, that's inherently an old fable.

Even John "Emerging Democratic Majority" Judis now agrees that Democrats simply cannot win any longer owing to the GOP chokehold at the state and local level (not to mention, I would add, at the national level in the House of Representatives and quite possibly in the Senate, too).

Judis implicitly makes a point that Jonathan Chait explicitly made three months ago, namely, it will take wall-to-wall Republican government that produces, inevitably, the catastrophic outcome to have -- EVENTUALLY -- another Democratic rout as happened in 2006 and 2008. Of course, it will be short-lived for the same reasons I just mentioned above.

America is a late-stage imperial power in slow but steady decline with that "Deep State" that floats freely and unmolested above the carnival side show of domestic politics. Of course, the stupid European Union might do itself in first thanks to Swabian Hausfrau Angela Merkel and all her flippin' German bankster pals and their European Central Bank IMF debt collector.

As for China, while still busy as a bee hacking and stealing every electronic idea it can, is Japan on steroids and all the issues that have plagued the latter will totally overwhelm the former in the next 10 to 30 years. Indeed, it's starting already.

Furthermore, Chinese-based oversupply (internally and globally), deflation, and depression economics are the "new normal" for our 21st Century world for the foreseeable future.

Returning to the U.S., there is also the whole crisis of authority as everyone of our institutions has proven to be little more than rackets, scams, and bullshit. Indeed, this is one of the reasons why I'm so hopeful that Pope Francis can make a real difference with the Catholic Church.

Regardless, the Arctic is still melting (sorry, Teabaggers) ...

... and the climate changing, and, yes, record Boston area / coastal New England snowfall actually supports that idea, even while humans pollute and poison the biosphere -- just ask the poor little Monarch butterfly on its way to possible extinction.

It's past time to list the Monarch Butterfly as endangered.


Speaking of extinction, at least the Southern Democrats are mercifully politically extinct. But, hey, maybe after it has gone extinct, we can clone it. Right after we clone the woolly mammoth.

But let's just wait for Brian Williams to report on that one.


OK, my next planned update won't be until Friday evening or possibly Saturday. Oh, yes, as a concluding tidbit, I had a relatively good day at work and a very good gym workout tonight. That's all for now. G'night, Kemo Sabe and Little Monarch Butterfly.  


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