Wednesday, January 21, 2015

To Brady's Dad ...

Brady: Always my little angel.

So I decided to delete -- and, in fact, have deleted -- Brady's dad's cellphone number from my own contacts and to attempt no further contact with him.

I'm so tired of the endless grudges held, the lack of any forgiveness for a trivial argument, the ease with which I am endlessly ignored, and, in general, a "relationship" that completely on the other's terms, the result of which means that the slightest inconvenience or human error is not forgiven until some random amount of time passes, usually measured in months, whereupon the whole clock is reset to restart the whole process in, like, two to three weeks. Add to this the potential (as seems in the current situation) that the grudge will be held permanently.

I don't need or deserve that. I have others in my life that are friends and at least sort of care about me. In short, I've had enough of begging, pleading, cajoling, and just trying. I don't need all that disdain directed at me, and that's what it is -- disdain rather than hate. As for hate, I'll save Haterade for the great M. WADE Tipamillyun.

And so to Brady's dad, I say: While I'll miss the little angel, I promise, I won't contact you ever again in any way.

You win. Be happy in your life.


P.S. That fact that he never looks at this blog is terrific by me. I don't keep this stupid blog for any one person. Whether 100,000 people read it or only and always the same two or three people, or even nobody, I really don't care.

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