Friday, January 23, 2015

Off to New Jersey for My Great Aunt Babe's Funeral and Repast ...

Arriving in New Jersey on the New Jersey Turnpike on my last trip there related to my great Aunt Babe, 12:28PM Jan. 26, 2013. This was for my great Aunt Babe's 100th birthday.

As ever, Ray was driving and my mom riding shotgun and I was in the back. It's been that way since I was 4. I'm now 45 and still doing that when I visit them.


I'm heading up to New Jersey shortly.

I had intended to post a whole long entry on the topic of my great Aunt Babe's funeral (tomorrow on what would have been her 102nd birthday) that went into other issues such why this is a significant event for me personally (she was my grandmother's younger sister) and for the now far-flung and disparate family.

It also included a link to a news story with video of my cousin Elizabeth "Betty Ann" (her daughter) in the Asbury Park Press as well as her obituary and included some clarifying information.

However, I ran out of time last night (with it nearing 3AM) and now I have no time this morning.

I'm going to New Jersey with my mom and Ray even though my mom hasn't been married into this family -- it's my dad's since -- since 1974. As for my dad, he couldn't make it up from Florida. Today, by the way, is his 74th birthday and I need to call him.

While there, my hope is also to see my childhood best friend from my Sea Bright / Tradewinds Beach Club days, Jonathan.

My intention is to update the blog with that entry that includes some photos I take up there (no, not at the funeral) upon my return on Sunday, though it might be Monday. It is highly unlikely I'll be able to update the blog there, esp. the compressed time table and if I in fact stay at the Ocean Court Motel on Ocean Avenue in Long Branch. (It's a complicated story of how / why I might be staying there.) (My mom and Ray are staying at Holiday Inn.)

As an aside, I had such a compressed and extensive gym scheduled this week (Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday), that I'm good now until next Monday.


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