Sunday, January 11, 2015

Let's Learn American Pop Culture and Creativity the M. Wade Tipamillyun Way! -OR- Quickly Approaching Cultural & Social Singularity

**This entry was posted January 11, 2015.**

After careful deliberation and soul-searching, I've decided to be a skool teecher the M. WADE Tipamillyun way ...

Now keep in mind that I will teach "creative" cultural something or other ...

... and since my idea of that topic is a post-modernistic hodge-podge of discursive and hyper-commodified American pop cultural effluvia and excreta lacking any context or meaning, it will be an epistemologically meaningless jumble, the present-day cultural equivalent of a Bill Moyers' Joseph Campbell Power of Myth interview.

Furthermore, since I continue to desire to be a celebrity, or at least the center of attention at all times, I'll dress up in a sort of cultural drag that ostensibly represents the period in question -- whether as 1890s Victorian gentleman in top hat and tails ...

... or as 1980s teenager complete with green hair, leather jacket (I thought that was more 1950s), and cheesy book that claims it is a 1980s cultural compendium featuring, what else, Madonna and Rubik's Cube. All that's missing is a Reagan "Morning in America" political ad for completeness.

Oh, M. WADE Tipamillyun ...

I do so regret all the things I'm missing by not being fortunate enough to be in your creative writing and/or pop cultural studies and/or film and/or whatever classes.

Now when will you start teaching your 17th Street D.C. gayborhood studies and the incredibly oversized role of local comedian / celebrity bartenders? Sections should include clothing, attitude, finances, etc., but the central focus should be on the existential black hole of the whole enterprise and how its cultural and social event horizon was crossed a long time ago.

"Like, oh my Gahwd! Like, what-evah! Get outta my clahss!"


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