Wednesday, January 7, 2015

An Apology to Matt Abbruzzese (and a Couple Other Items This Morning)

In this entry, I would like to apologize to Matt Abbruzzese for my comments just before the election last November in this entry. Matt was running for the local Advisory Neighborhood Council (ANC) Single Member District (SMD) 1B12, which includes my 2000 block of New Hampshire Avenue NW here in D.C.

Matt was in a competitive election with John C. Green -- more often than not, these SMD races are uncontested -- and he did not win.

In that entry, I referred to him as looking like "a mid-23rd Century little android" in his campaign website photo that was taken outside the ornate Northumberland building that is located cheek-by-jowl to my Hampton Courts building.

I met him last night at No. 9, where I had gone with Chris H. after we had some dinner at Teak Wood, and was introduced to him. He matter-of-factly said he had seen the entry and what I wrote. After laughing, I did try to apologize to him but I'm not sure he was interested. He also said he had shared what I wrote with his parents and that they found it humorous.

In any event, let me here say it again: I'm sorry, Matt. Also, there are many more elections to come and you will have many more chances to offer your services to the community.

Changing subjects, I'm home this morning because I have two teleconferences -- one personal and one work-related -- and they are both back-to-back. The first one that I just finished was with the prosecuting attorney in the local state attorney's office in Bunnell, Florida, and it involves, of course, my father and the Shannon situation. I'll write more about that in a subsequent entry. Suffice it to say, there really wasn't much point to it if my goal was to get my dad to not take her back after this matter is all settled.

Update / Clarification at 11:00PM 1/7/2015: I had a good conversation with my dad tonight and based on what he said, I am now much more optimistic that he and Shannon will not be living together again. Also, he spoke to the prosecutor (right after I did) and he said she was surprisingly sympathetic toward Shannon (who is now out of jail and staying with an acquaintance) in terms of getting her some mental health services. Perhaps in some small way what I said also helped. I was clear that I didn't think having her serve some lengthy jail term would be of any use. My dad didn't realize that I had spoken to the prosecutor right before he met her.  

End of Update.

The second teleconference at 11AM involves a work-related new task. As for work, I am being given an opportunity to write press releases.

OK, that's all for now. I intend to update the blog after the gym tonight.  


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