Thursday, December 18, 2014

Upcoming Late December Doings and Tentative Weather Outlook Here and in Buffalo

I found this picture online a while ago. It's kind of a wonderful image. Rest and please get better.


Well, I was going to post a new entry on various topics, but it is already quite late as I start this one (12:23AM, to be exact) and I just posted the preceding entry (a delayed one I had mostly completed in "draft" form for the past three weeks). It features my musings on the movie Interstellar before reposting a Nov. 20 (online) / 21 (print edition), 2014 David Brooks column about the movie as a cultural phenomenon.

I had a decent gym workout tonight though the swim part was short. I'm OK workwise except I need to get in earlier tomorrow than I have been. I wasn't feeling that well this morning but I'm fine now. I think. I'm working on a BA case -- probably my last one ever -- for a jurisdiction in New Jersey.

Looking ahead, my blogging activity for the remainder of the month is likely going to drop off due to a confluence of events including my mom's upcoming Saturday visit and the arrival of Christmas with the planned four day trip with Gary to Buffalo for the express purpose of seeing snow in order to have and enjoy an actual "white Christmas," since it doesn't happen in Washington, D.C.

As for my mom's trip, she arrives for the two-day / one-night visit on Saturday early afternoon. Dinner -- for six people in all -- is planned at Logan Tavern around 7PM. (Old Ebbitt Grill could not accommodate a party of six at an earlier hour.) Joining us is Gary and Gary's mom along with Andrea and Imara. It should be interesting having Gary's mom and my mom meet. Before dinner, the idea is for the four of us to do a bit of early night time sightseeing by vehicle around D.C.'s monumental core. After dinner, the idea is to go to Larry's Lounge.

The "Baby M-Wade" goes to the dentist! Look, ma, no cavities!

Actually, this is one of Pablo Escobar's now-free and multiplying hippos (or, more likely, descendant hippos). I wrote about them here based on a BBC News article. Well, there was late last month a BBC News follow-up article on a new campaign by the Colombian government to sterilize ("sterilise" in British spelling) the hippos (since killing them is quite unpopular).

While I understand why it is necessary, I'm not sure how one sterilizes a hippopotamus.


Oh, yes, I am (was?) supposed to do something on Saturday morning before she arrives but I'll refrain from talking about that just now. It involves a special tour of a certain place by someone presently working there. However, I'm not sure I'll be able to go.

Concerning the Buffalo trip, the latest (0Z 12/18/2014) GFS advertises a stormy Christmas Eve into Christmas Day for the northeastern corner of the country with rain possibly changing to / ending as snow even in D.C. on Xmas Eve (I'll believe that when it actually happens).

0Z 12/18/2014 GFS valid at hour 162 - 18Z 12/24/2015 for the eastern U.S. showing MSLP, 850mb temp., and 6-hr precip.

It then features a really favorable lake effect event -- similar to the one last month? -- for the Great Lakes, especially Lakes Erie and Ontario with a west-southwesterly flow across the length of these unfrozen lakes.

0Z 12/18/2014 GFS valid at hour 183 - 15Z 12/25/2015 for the eastern U.S. showing MSLP, 850mb temp., and 6-hr precip.

Indeed, the only problem is the timing -- if it were just moved back by 12 to 18 hours, it would be perfect. The lake effect machine at that point is going like crazy. (The GFS has been advertising something similar for the past couple days. I'm not sure what the ECMWF shows.) This would be problematic for our arrival by jet at KBUF.

Of course, this is all still seven days out.

For tomorrow night, I'm supposed to meet at Woodley Café some of the old meteorology ("meto") gang from the 1990s at the University of Maryland, College Park. This includes Mike G. and Chester (YAY!). Gary is supposed to come as well.

As for the others who may or may not show up, well, I'm indifferent since they all wound up like this living on their suburban lily pads ...

That's not Chester, though.

Speaking of Chester, please check out all the back-and-forth comments on that blog entry I wrote back in Oct. 2012 about the (link embedded) Baltimore "corner and inflection points" boundary tour that I did with him.

Chester at one of the Baltimore boundary markers at Rt. 2 and Hanover Street, Oct. 6, 2012.

A new reader to this blog -- a person living in Wisconsin who once resided in the house at 3337 Garnet Road in Parkville -- has given me some very valuable information about the northeast corner marker of the city -- that it in fact existed (at least in the early 1980s) but was on the property itself (in the backyard).

OK, that's all for now. I'm wrapping up this entry at 1:35AM. I have that Clean Bandit song "Rather Be" stuck in my head as I write this. I love the video.

Anyway, I'm not sure when my next update will be -- quite likely not until Friday night. And there might not be any Saturday entries at all.


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