Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Out With the 40-Something Aged and In With "Reagan's" (Possible) New Year's 2015 Layoff ...

Interior of St. Dominic Catholic Church in the "forgotten" Southwest quadrant of Washington, D.C. 2:11PM December 30, 2014.

This is near where I work. The whooshing sound of I-395 right next to the church makes it quite evocative.


OK, I'm in a bad mood right now and a little drunk. However, I am posting this entry because I am going back out to Larry's Lounge, and when I get back, I'll probably just need to go to sleep.

As for tomorrow, I am hoping to work from home, although I'll go into the office if need be. I'm just waiting for an OK on that.

Concerning work, for very complicated reasons I daren't go into but that don't involve me and over which I have no control, things have blown up and I suddenly run the risk of being laid off -- even if temporarily -- in January.

At this point, I really just need to find a new job rather than have this keep happening -- and I say that even though I really and truly like the job I have and the people with whom I work, and acknowledging the fact that there is a real effort by others to keep me working in a way that isn't a cost liability to the contracting company.

Now PLEASE ... to the Unctuous Amongst Us, please don't view what I just wrote as a warmly-chuckling "good thing" because it shows in how "HE" allegedly runs the Universe. I find that morally offensive and ethically ugly no matter what ones thinks I "deserve" or how much "GOD is awesome." I HATE that brand of evangelical American Christianity. It's offensive and if anyone spouts it at me, any relationship is over.

The view from the corner of 13th Street and Massachusetts Ave. NW looking south (along 13th Street), Washington, D.C., 6:27PM December 30, 2014.

I love cold winter nights in D.C. when I can walk around all bundled up.


I left work and went No. 9 via Metro Center, where I got off the Metro in order to go to the Bank of America ATM. However, I first stopped at a Thai and sushi restaurant on 14th Street near Thomas Circle (not to mention right next to the absurdly anachronistic and ridiculous Crew Club) called Teak Wood.

It is a dark and evocative and broody place -- everything I like. It also had an incredible $3 to $6 food and drink happy hour up to and including decent-sized portions and Cosmo-tini drinks and Brut champagne. I'm going to be going there again.

I then went to No. 9, where there was a crowd of young people in their 20s and 30s. I managed to stand in the midst of a particularly large group of Millennials including two girls who were not familiar with No. 9. One of the two hadn't been there before.

She was a lovely blond girl about 23 in a Polka dot dress who initially talked about a trip to Saudi Arabia and sleeping in a room with nine people including two others on an air mattress (not sure if THAT was in Saudi Arabia). Then she said her name was "Reagan" and she lived in Capitol Hill.

How D.C. is that??

(OK, perhaps she spells it "Regan".)

Her young gay male friend said something about "40 being middle aged" and, a few minutes later, she said of someone (with emphasis on the "ED" part), "He's aged, like 47..."

I then said to them, "Wow. I'm glad to know I only have two years to go until I'm AGED."

She smiled in an embarrassed way and moved a few feet farther way. Eventually, that group left to do whatever it is that groups such as that do.

There was another big, tall, young guy named John N. -- he was about 6'5" and just expansive, though not fat -- and I spoke to him briefly as he was waiting for a drink from bartender Eric. He said he could see how Eric is an ER nurse in his regular job based on the attention to detail he pays and how he is unhappy when he doesn't get something right.

In his delivery of other observations of people, though, John was kind of a comedian.

Finally, I spoke to another tall, slender guy named Jacob who came up to order a drink. Long story short, after we swapped recent trip stories, and he said he was recently in Iceland and deeply disappointed that in five days, he didn't see the Northern Lights (aurora borealis) even once. To that, I replied, "Well, substitute 'snow' for 'Northern Lights' and 'Buffalo' for 'Iceland' and you know how I felt on my trip."

That made him laugh.

OK, that's all for now. This may very well be my last entry of 2014. Tomorrow night, I am meeting DD and his wonderful wife and two wonderful young children for dinner in Rockville (the town center area). I will then come back into D.C. via the Metro and perhaps go to Larry's Lounge.

And if I'm really lucky, I can look forward to not being laid off in early 2015.


Oh, yes, I still need to post those Buffalo trip pictures (second part). I am going to try to do that on New Year's Day.

However, if it never in fact happens, well, now you know.


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